Founder of Illumination & The Practice | Illuminating the world through the Art of Kundalini Yoga


My daily practice is one important backbone in life, personally and professionally. The blueprint has been the same for years.

Dry brushing, cold shower and my daily Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Practice.

Then decaf coffee, kisses and enjoying life throughout.

Having a daily practice has been one of the most transformative tools in my life, something that I loved so much that I launched The Practice a year ago, which is a 40-day online Kundalini Yoga Practice. Kundalini Yoga is so medicinal for your Body/Mind-system, as you work on everything from the glandular and lymphatic system to balancing your mental health, clearing your subconscious mind and reprogramming neural pathways.



Exploring and expanding one’s own Soul, psyche and mind in combination with the physical body is the most important routine one can have in 2021. It doesn't have to be long or complicated. The Practice is around 30 minutes active practice including meditation, but if you’re really short on time a 3 minutes pranic meditation can totally change you inside out. 

I heard about Kundalini Yoga in 2012 as I was walking down Broadway with my friend who told me about “this Kundalini Yoga”.

I instantly felt such a deep resonance running through my body, like I’d heard the name of my beloved. I’d been practicing yoga since I was a teenager, but never felt such a calling to a practice before.

However the road to the actual lineage was very mystical and it took me four years before I landed on the mat. After my first class I was blown away by the array of emotions I had gone through in just an hour, which left me feeling so spacious and liberated internally.



I started sharing my own personal healing and awakening journey organically on social media,  which included radical self inquiry,  sacred plant medicine experiences and of course Kundalini yoga, because that felt authentic to me.

A year later I started my teachers training, and right away began teaching in Copenhagen, hosting and producing my own workshops and events, as well as getting connected with a local studio, and teaching at offices and a great amount of events within the metaphysical and fashion scene. Everything just happened very organically when I decided to jump off a cliff and answer to my Soul’s calling.


I’m still in the process of figuring out my philosophy and mantras in life.

I aspire to live and lead by radical Love, Authenticity and Honesty. First and foremost towards myself, and letting that blueprint guide the way for co-creation. Freedom is one of the most important virtues to me.

The older I get the more I understand that there is no Freedom without Responsibility. It’s easy to point fingers at the world, society and everyone else, forgetting one important point: that is you are a part of that world, and you are the eyes that experience that world and the other. Taking responsibility for my own experience, projections and impact is crucial and a constant unfolding of Self, however it is also what brings me the most immense Freedom which I call Heaven on Earth. 




I have these wonderful, brave, honest and deep friends all over the world.

People who walk the talk, do the work and I’m constantly inspired by them being their own unique self and their wisdom. My relationship with my boyfriend also continues to be the greatest teacher. Our time together is real,  sweet, tender but also radically honest and confronting. Life with him is so rich and loving. Everyday we fall deeper and deeper in love, through the ups and downs of life. 

More so I’m so inspired and moved by all the women whom I get to connect with through Illumination and The Practice.  It’s so truly empowering to witness them grow, expand and change their life by taking responsibility and opening up to a greater depth and experience. 




Finally you asked what I would call this chapter in my life, and the answer is Illumination! So much deep, internal growth and revelations that are still very much unfolding. Illumination is also my latest offering, a seasonal 40-day educational program for Women.


Thank you Amanda for your time and insight.

For more information please visit @amandanorgaard on Instagram.



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