Anti Racism in Europe

Blackout Tuesday in Europe


Although we have a small platform as a new independent wellness company in Europe, we strongly believe that silence and inaction or neutrality is a choice.

We are listening, we are ashamed that we have not spoken up before today, and we are just starting to learn about how to support.

I believe that it is not our responsibility to voice any opinion apart from support as this is a time to LISTEN and show solidarity.

I cannot explain and educate about what is going on in the world as I have not gone through it. This post is to state that we will commit to financially supporting Anti-Racist movements across Europe.

We are currently doing research into which organisations we can support and this post will be updated once we have found charities within Europe.

Update: We have now donated funds to SARI and have volunteered to answer calls to support individuals who have been a victim of hate crime. You can visit the organisation’s homepage here.

I want to end this post by saying that if you are a minority follower or consumer of ours, you are heard.



There are 2 petitions our team are rallying behind, but you can find many more via

Please sign here to Introduce Mandatory Ethnicity Pay Gap Reporting:

Please sign here to expand the current GCSE book curriculum to include a more diverse reading list which would ultimately highlight our current society’s diversity, inequalities and opportunities for change:


Please take the time to send this drafted email to your MP.A list of MPs can be found here for the email.

Mail to:

Subject: Condemn the US’s response

Dear (Name of MP),

As an EU citizen and voter in EP elections, I am writing to you to express my outrage over Trump’s reaction to the protests in the wake of George Floyd’s brutal murder.

I demand that the European Parliament:

1.     Acts to ban the sale of teargas, riot shields and rubber bullets from the EU to the US.

2.     Condemns Trump’s reaction and the excessive use of force against the protesters.

3.    Works to eliminate racism in all European police forces and institutions.

Best regards,


Other Free Actions to Take Immediately:

Please download the FREE E-Book ‘The End of Policing’ by Alex S Vitale here

Short Youtube video explains privilege here

Spotify Podcast talking about the murder of George Floyd, the protests in Minneapolis, racial profiling in the U.S. vs. Sweden and toxic whiteness here

For a list of places to Donate funds to and Anti-Racism resources for White People complied by Sarah Sophie Flicker and Alyssa Klein please click Here

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