16 Steps to Immediately Make for Permanently Clear Skin

16 Steps to Immediately Make for Permanently Clear Skin

This list is curated to help you achieve clearer, younger skin for longer. I have split it up during times of the day to make the process easier to adopt!
By: Antoneta Bursac, Founder of KLARSKIN


Set up your morning routine so its optimized and all your products and tools are in one place.

Once you wake up and are in the bathroom:

  1. Check your tongue – excess white, yellow or brownish residue is an indication of digestive difficulty. Your body gives you signs other than acne that there may be some kind toxic build up in your body so these little hints are great to pick up on.

  2. Copper Tongue scraper: removes all the bacteria built up over night, even if you have no residue. This will prevent you from swallowing any bacteria

  3. Brush your teeth and floss

  4. The optimal time to take your probiotic is after this process – I of course use the Radiance Powder and would never use anything other than that but that’s just because the bacterial strains and fibers in this formula have been specifically selected to be diverse and target dysfunction, digestion, moving toxic waste and preventing leaky gut or organ stagnation. Remember mixing it with water allows your body greater absorption benefits and digestive ease (because it doesn’t have to break down an additional unnecessary capsule or fight to access the core ingredients).

  5. Drink a filtered glass of water after step 4 just for general hydration

  6. Wait 15 minutes before food consumption

  7. Try and do a 30 day soy, sugar and dairy detox just to prove what it can do to improve the look and feel of your body and skin – apart from the health benefits, your body can regenerate 

    Regarding diet – everyone is different. I eat a Mediterranean diet without meat. Occasionally I have fish (a few times a month), and my supplements are always vegan, because the thought of eating ground up animal bones for your collagen intake makes me a bit queasy.

  8. After lunch I drink a glass of water with theReforming Liquid, more for a cell regenerative and anti-aging tool than anything else.

  9. I try to move my lymph every day, via doing an exercise class or even just walking consistently for 30 minutes during your lunch break can do wonders for your circulation and helping move waste.


  1. Once you’ve removed your make up and washed your face for the day, remove any calc residue often found in tap water by using a water spray or gentle toner – I personally use organic rose water I buy off amazon. 

  2. Try not to use acids too often – certain exfoliants can thin the skin over time, making it more prone to scarring from break outs or premature lines. They also affect the delicate immune boosting flora that builds up on skin’s surface protecting you from external infections 

  3. A clean pillow case never hurts

  4. Stop eating at least 3 hours before bed to give your liver a chance to regenerate whilst you’re sleeping. Here’s the body’s natural regenerative cycle according to Chinese medicine for reference - See graph here.

  5. Going to sleep at a similar time each night also helps support this cycle

  6. Gua Sha (jade roller) in bed either before you go to sleep or in the mornings to activate your lymph in your face and neck. It’s a great regenerative exercise and helps move any toxin build up away from your face – acne is often caused by strep build up in your dermis (bad bacteria) which then comes out in the form of a pimple when your immune system is lowered which for women is twice a month – during the period and during ovulation

  7. SLEEPis such a powerful detoxifier and can help with clear skin more than you think. My top tip is don’t look at a screen at least 30-60 minutes before sleeping and for the first half an hour in the morning.

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