The ultimate guide designed to help you understand your adult acne, and how to clear skin accordingly

A step-by-step guide on clearing your acne

01 / Start Here


Since launching KLARSKIN in 2019, I have spoken to more than 40 doctors and thousands of customers about why there is a growing number of adults experiencing acne.

The below offers answers relating to what causes adult acne, other symptoms that might be associated with acne, and steps to take to solve the root cause and achieve permanent clear skin. 

I recommend making your way through this page in order to identify your cause. I have tried to cover everything from lifestyle factors, test recommendations and where to start if you have adult acne and are unable to get rid of it.

The below is not medical advice, but rather a consolidation of recommendations from physicians, dermatologists, oncologists, pharmacists, and individuals who have had adult acne and no longer do. 

Our aim is to get rid of adult acne long term, so if you stay consistent I promise you your skin will transform like you've never seen before. 

Let's start with my own journey, and the tests I took to identify my own root cause.

02 / Causes of Adult Acne


The most common adult acne causes are digestive, hormonal or organ (gut, liver, kidney, etc) related.

The below guide will take you through a series of reasons why your acne may have started, which may not be immediately obvious to you. Sometimes acne takes years to manifest, other times it is an immediate reaction to an obvious cause.

The aim of this section is to help you identify why you started breaking out as an adult, and to help you realise that acne might not be the only symptom you are experiencing due to this cause.

Getting to the bottom of the root cause of your acne is the first step to take in order to achieve long term health and clear skin for good.

Read about why you have acne, the various steps to take (most of them free) to identify the cause, and start working on solving that immediately.

03 / Symptoms Associated with Acne


Often when women have acne past puberty it is due to one specific cause, that manifests itself in multiple symptoms.

Period pain, PCOS, weight gain, hair loss, constipation, bloating, body odour, cellulite, facial hair growth have all been identified as symptoms linked to adult acne.

This is why identifying the cause first, in order to cure the symptom second, is so important.

The below blog posts breaks down various symptoms often associated with adult acne. Once you find the cause, you can link it to various symptoms, and work to solve them all. Often when women focus on just fixing the cause, the symptoms will fade simultaneously without much effort.

Our hope is for you to stop isolating symptoms into different issues, and work on solving them as a whole.

I hope that the information you have from this guide has given you the tools to take your health into your own hands, treat it seriously, and achieve consistently clear, healthy skin.

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