There are trillions of bacterial microbes living within your gut, and not one supplement on earth that can replenish, replant and feed all of these substantially.

Supplements can nourish, help rebuild, and draw out good bacteria, but they can’t ‘re-plant’ all of the strains your body needs to function at its best. It’s important to understand that only your own body can do that itself.

The reason you are most probably having skin and gut issues is because the bacteria you do have are in a weakened state. If you feed these bacteria properly, they will multiply and thrive.

This is where the need for more Dietary Fiber in our diets comes in.

You can make the trillions of bacterial microbes that already live inside you more robust by feeding them what they need - fiberts.

The average American eats 17g of fiber a day, and our ancestors were eating 100g or more. The recommended amount today is 25g for women and 38g for men. 

We are essentially majorly fiber deficient, and when we are not consuming fiber often our bodies become weakened and cannot effectively absorb or use it.


Here are 7 foods you should eat weekly, which will also help with fermentation and feed the good Gut bacteria properly so it can grow and proliferate:

1. Nuts: Pistachios and Almonds in particular (13-15g/per100g)

2. Chia Seeds (34g/per 100g)

3. Sunflowers Seeds (11g/per100g)

4. Oats (10g/per 100g)

5. Black Beans, Chickpeas, Kidney Beans and Lima Beans (7-8g/per 100g)

6. Avocado (6.5g/per 100g)

7. Lentils (7g/ per 100g)


Our diets should also consist of whole natural foods, low in sugars, mono and poly saturated fats, good lean protein from plants (and if you want animal produce but in moderation) and cruciferous vegetables for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. 


Reintroduce complex fibers slowly, through foods, and if you want supplements - but of high enough quality, in soluble format, with the ability to be absorbed even by visceral hypersensitivity.

There is a lot of value based on this within our Radiance Powder if you wish to check it out, however diversity and quality in diet is Number 1.


The problem with the majority of probiotics on the market today is

1: they are not micro-encapsulated or regulated/clinically proven to work/consumed or absorbed properly

2: they don’t stick to the GI tract lining, instead they just run through us having minimal effect and

3: the quality is not even worth the consumption.

My recommendation is to work on the above food aspects first, or start with prebiotic and soluble fiber supplementation via our Radiance Powder.

The problem with our food today is that it is hyper sterilized, meaning food itself is in a weakened microbial state due to preservatives. The way modern farming preserves our food is essentially by successfully keeping microbes out. 

If there is one takeaway I can leave you with in regards to improving your gut health, it is to start with introducing the above list into your diet weekly, eat mainly organic food, grown from nutrient dense soil, that is not perfect looking, i.e: has evidence of worm/bird/insect bites, has dirt on it, smells potent and is small.

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