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We have been following the COVID-19 pandemic closely and since the ideals of KLARSKIN come from a family of medics, the effects of this virus are closer to home than you may think.

Although these are uncertain times, we do believe there is no need to panic. Whilst the KLARSKIN team continues to work from home, we wanted to share a few of the new supplements incorporated into our daily routines whilst we cook, work, face mask from home.

Disclaimer: This is a personal routine that I, Antoneta (founder of KLARSKIN) am practicing during my quarantine. I am in no way offering medical advice nor am I a licensed medical practitioner. My blog post is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any virus or disease. This information is based off existing and new information and articles publicly published online, and linked throughout the blog post.



First thing I do when I wake up is make a fire shot– half a lemon, grated ginger, half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar all mixed together and taken as a shot.
I do this to speed up my metabolism, boost my immune system and warm my body up.

There has been a lot of research published which shows the link between SARS and COVID-19 

Source: MDPI


Research papers present how zinc ions provide a natural protective mechanism against viruses especially those causing respiratory problems such as SARS.

Throughout the day I am taking 25mg of Zinc, vitamin C and drinking organic elderberry juice for further immune support and possibly some degree of protection again viral infection. 

Source: BMJ


Personally, I believe lifestyle choices are really important in general, but especially during this time – focus on your nutrition and try to increase your antioxidant consumption through plant based foods, bright coloured veggies and berries and green tea and matcha of which I drink a lot of each day. 

Older age groups and those with compromised immune systems or underlying health conditions are being most affected by this virus. If you can make yourself and family members soups, warm liquids, broths, easy to digest foods with lots of probiotics and fibres to support your bodies during this time. Garlic is an ingredient I am using more of in my cooking due to it’s digestive and antimicrobial benefits.
Try to avoid foods you are particularly sensitive to which for me is dairy, cheese, soy, sugar and excess salt. Try to keep your gut irritation to a minimum which is standard for staying healthy long term anyway.






Corona causes respiratory illness but there is lots of new information coming out about the gutand the role our intestinal tract plays with symptoms including nausea and diarrhoea, and stool samples being used to help find a possible diagnosis – a healthy gut matters more than ever.


There is lots of new information coming out about the gut and the role our intestinal tract plays in helping us during this time.

I am therefore taking an extra dose of the Radiance Powder before I go to sleep. It will not only help to support your gut health but also contains Proteolyticenzymes that help break down proteins and are found to reduce the effects of histamine induced inflammation. Proteolytic (protein-destroying) enzymes also degrade pathogenic complexes that can inhibit normal immune function.


 I ordered some Grindelia to add to my diffuser as it’s a traditional Chinese chest herb that has been used for the treatment of coughs. Some research states that the plant may be effective to help with lung or chest infections.

I drink liquorice root tea throughout the daydue to the research following the SARS outbreak showing the effectiveness of various phytochemicals contained in liquorice root against SARS – it also contains really strong antiviral properties.

SOURCE: Thailand Medical


Finally I take a hot salt bath with Himalayan pink salteach night to help me sweat out any toxins as we can’t go to communal saunas currently.



I hope my current routine helps, and we are looking forward to reading your comments and hearing about any tips you may have during this quarantine!


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