Written and Experienced by Valeria Bröhl


When I was fourteen, I started breaking out with acne, which isn't uncommon for most teenagers. The only difference with my acne was that it concentrated around my chin area rather than my whole face.

My mom was my beauty hero. She always told me to use a lot of moisturizer and sometimes treat yourself with a beauty treatment. I was sixteen when I did my first treatment with a professional beautician. By that time, my chin was highly inflamed. The beautician tried to fix this with extractions, but unfortunately, it became even worse over time, and I still have scars from this all over my chin. It really affected my self-confidence, especially since my confidence wasn't that strong as a teenager. As I grew older, there were moments where it was hard to accept my skin. The only thing I learned from this experience is "never touch and squeeze your pimples." 

Fifteen years and many creams, expensive treatments, and acid peels later - I'm 31 and still have acne and scarring. They fluctuate and are overall smaller and finer but are still there. Over the years, I have tried to figure out what the root cause of my breakouts has been. I keep wondering why the redness lingers for such a long time after the active spot has gone.

I believe hormones are the most significant root cause, mainly due to my lifestyle. I love a good and healthy product, but I also love unhealthy food and vino. My favorite evening would be with my boyfriend, truffle pasta, sauvignon blanc, and a big cheese plate at the end. Carbs, dairy products, and alcohol are killers for my skin, and I always wake up with new inflamed spots after such a savory meal. Like I said…I really love those evenings from time to time and couldn't live without them. This is why I started looking for a product that reduces my acne and helps my body feel better, allowing me to enjoy my life. Sounds like a miracle, right? Not to sound cheesy, but my miracle has been Klarskin

My friend Alice recommended Klarskin to me. First, I was a little bit shocked about the price, but I researched the brand and the ingredients and decided to give it a try. I started with the Radiance Powder, and I have to say it took a while. To be honest, it wasn't until I took the complete bottle of the Radiance Powder that I realized that the change had been quite significant. Still, because it happened slowly over the month, it wasn't until I stopped to realize I was actually so happy with the final result. I ordered a second bottle of it, and my skin was glowy, completely sheer, and my scars looked finer compared to the beginning. However, in my opinion, the best side effect of the Powder was my digestion - it is literally on point every single day I take it. This is why the Radiance Powder is like a daily treatment for me.  

My daily skincare routine: 

Every morning I start my day with the Radiance Powderit's like my lemon water. Right now, I'm on my sixth bottle. Afterward, I start to freshen up my face with cold water and my Whamisa Toner deep rich. I also recommend the Klarskin Universal Serum. It's a boost to my skin every morning and evening. I add a pump of my Dr. Hauschka Balancing Day Lotion or if I have cravings for more moisturize I use the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate mostly before bed. Sometimes I need to exfoliate with Paula's Choice BHA Liquid

I hate heavy makeup! For me, it's all about having a natural look. The only thing I use is SPF50 and,  Estée Lauder DayWear, a natural tint. That's why my skin is so important to me. I don't like to hide it under much makeup. 

Klarskin has enabled me to feel better in my skin, along with being more self-confident. I think my body works well and is healthy, thanks to my good digestion. My advice is that you'll need some patience and please start to invest in your body. You don't need a hundred shoes. Take the money and spend it on your own self-care because it's more worth it in the long run, at least for me! 


My Skin today, after the above mentioned use of the Radiance Powder.

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