KlarSkin x Poppy Towers Lynch

KlarSkin x Poppy Towers Lynch

Curve Model for MiLK London, Muse NYC and Model Werk Germany

At school I always gravitated to more creative subjects, particularly resistant materials – I love design and making things to this day.

After school I completely fell into modelling. I entered an Instagram competition by tagging an agency in a selfie and from there it span out to me being signed and then moving to my now agency Milk!. My first job was a TV commercial being filmed in Majorca – that was probably one of the most memorable moments in my career, I was so nervous and excited, but it was such a great experience that I was hooked.

Modelling has taught me so much about confidence and growing into yourself. I remember watching the other models at my agency and admiring their confidence when showing up to castings with minimal makeup, jeans and a t-shirt. It taught me to refine how I looked and to make the most of what I already have rather than keep adding layers of foundation, bronzer, mascara. I feel better in myself now than when I would spend half an hour in front of the mirror in the mornings getting ready. I still love make up don’t get me wrong, but my approach to beauty is different, its more to do with how I feel than what I’m painting my face with that day.

I’ve always loved beauty and skincare, I realized only recently that I’ve actually been good at it! I’ve gone from using every product and face mask under the sun that didn’t always suit my skin type to now doing a routine that works so much better for face but uses a lot less ingredient.

On a daily basis my Clinique redness solution foundation, L’Oréal brown mascara and benefit eyebrow pencil is what I reach for - basic I know but having tried a whole array of products I always go back to what works and what I can pick up from London and NYC, to small airports across Europe. Travelling around a lot means I have my go-tos and if they get misplaced I can pretty much pick them up anywhere.

I use Clarins pure melt cleanser, it’s a life changer for me for whether I’m wearing makeup or not. Living in London the pollution really gets into your skin and this just removes all the dirt and is gentle. I wake up, I have a bath, I cleanse, tone and moisture  my face. Then I put heat protector and argan oil in my damp hair and gently blow dry. Lastly, I put on mascara and fill my eyebrows.

KlarSkin gave me the liquid supplement which I take a week before shoots to give me a bit of an edge and glow and is the one product I am repurchasing. I am terrible with capsule supplements, have never finished a bottle, but I just add this to my water first thing in the morning and go, and it’s always on my countertop so I don’t forget. I know a lot of girls in the industry get vitamin drips after long few weeks of work so this is like a base step for me as I haven’t had one yet.

I’ve always been spot prone, if I sleep in makeup or eat badly for a few days I will always break out and quite badly too. I suffered from acne when I was younger so I have experience in handling it. Although now I don’t try to cover a spot up with 3 layers of concealer (which only makes the problem 10 times worse!).

So many models go fresh faced between shoots, and I love that. It’s made me feel comfortable in my bare skin as well as in a full face of makeup. It’s fun to go between the two too.

Everyone is the industry has eye pads and I think that helps make under eyes look less sleepy. We’re constantly travelling and working on little sleep.

I love my job because each day is different, I get to meet some super interesting and inspiring people - and some super odd, but that’s the fun thing about it, everyone can teach you something.

I also believe I’m doing my little bit of good by representing curvy, booby women in fashion.

I have been vegetarian for over 12 years now. Initially I just didn’t like the taste of meat but looking back I realise I was just listening to my body. I feel like that’s my biggest health tip - see how your body reacts and what makes you feel good. I did it subconsciously but it’s something I'm proud I’ve stuck with today and has paid off on my body and complexion in the long run. I love London and where I’m from in Richmond, and there are so many options for when eating out - anything from Yo Sushi to The Ivy. We have stunning old beautiful buildings, bridges and green spaces so I tend to walk everywhere I can.

I spend a lot of my spare time researching building projects, looking up incredible buildings and architecture and making things, most recently I made a wooden treasure chest jewellery box for my boyfriend’s ring collection – it took me weeks.

You asked about judgement and criticism, and I think there’s always going to be an aspect of that in this industry, but it teaches you to be thick skinned, which has definitely helped in other aspects of life. However, it is a small number of negatives (compared to what people think!) I have to say you tend to get tones of positives and even when I don’t get a job the feedback is never hurtful but aimed to build you up and explain why you weren’t the look they wanted. I really think being sure in yourself and who you are is the most important aspect - there’s no harm in not being everyone’s cup of tea!

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