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My dad taught me to ski before I turned two years old.

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I grew up ski racing in Park City, Utah and went on to compete in the world free skiing tour. I eventually become sponsored to ski in the films.  However, my very first job was scooping Ice Cream at a local shop in Park City when I was 14 years old. Skiing is a long family tradition. My grandfather learned to ski when he was stationed in the air force in Alaska and he taught my father who became a world cup ski racer. My grandfather’s passion led my father to dedicate himself to ski racing which eventually earned him a full ride scholarship to the University of Utah Ski Team.

When I was young our family (which consisted of my three brothers, mum, dad and myself) would spend months at a time traveling to ski races. Looking back I am humbled and grateful for the dedication and sacrifices my parents made so their kids could pursue their passion.

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These days, being an athlete also means being a creative and an entrepreneur so there have been a lot of learning opportunities along the way. I always try to see the lessons in the challenges and ask myself - what can I learn here? How can I do better?

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I also love to write down my goals so on the days I don't feel like going to the gym or I want to cancel my meetings, I'm reminded of the bigger picture and what I'm working towards.  

I'm really inspired by Greta Thunberg - she's really awoken the world to the severity of the global climate crisis and the urgent need to take action. 

In the beginning when I started speaking out about climate change on my social media it was very scary because there were still a lot of people in opposition and they would attack me and say very hurtful things. 

At the end of the day, truth is truth.

It's important to use our voices for the things we care about and to speak up for those that don't have a voice in this world. As women sometimes there’s a lot of pressure to sit in the corner, be quiet and look pretty - but this is not our place in this world. 

Women have a very important role to play in this moment in time as we need to nurture our planet back to health. So be bold, be brave and speak your truth!


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