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As a child I would always watch my mom do her intense skincare routine and wear her red lipstick, even if she was just going to the grocery store. Soon I started practicing using make-up on myself, friends and family.

I was 18 when I started thinking about it more seriously by taking makeup courses on the weekends. The rest is history.

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I started by looking up TFP shoots online so I could build up a portfolio. I got my first job in the entertainment industry by starting out as a production assistant. Sometimes you have to take the back door to get into the club when they won’t let you in through the front! 

 I got my first Celebrity client through my connections as a production assistant.

I always made sure I looked very put together and I would wear a very natural everyday glam make up, which I ended up getting lots if compliments on, so that opened up the conversation to me also being a makeup artist. I think it’s reallyimportant to be your own walking billboard! 

For years I was only really focused on perfecting my craft. I think it’s important to become the best at what you do, especially if it’s something you love.

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I started reaching out to agencies and people that I knew and just flat out asked them if I could do makeup for them. I got a couple of “no’s” in the beginning but if you have some allies in the business that can vouch for you, well then clients will slowy start rolling in.

When people are very pleased with you and your work, they will start to refer you to other potential clients as well. I found that word of mouth was the best way for me to progress. I also never get too comfortable and make sure I stay on my toes with everything. It is a constant journey to continue being the best you! 

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It is only recently that I started to take my health serious because my dad passed away from cancer 5 years ago. I gained a lot of weight after he passed, so in the last year I wanted to focus on not only getting back to my own weight but to also feel more energized and healthy since I was always tired from working so much.

The main changes I made to my lifestyle over the past year are:

- Changed to a Plant-based lifestyle

- Started taking all my supplements everyday consistently including Klarskin. I take the liquid every other day to support my skin health. I finished my first powder bottle a few months ago and recently bought another a while back to take every other day to continue to support my gut health.

- Started drinking Celery Juice and/or other fresh cold pressed juices everyday.

- Cut out a lot of refined sugars (I still cheat every so often but I made sure to eat and drink less of it!)

- I try to eat as many self-made meals as possible instead of processed foods. 

IG @naimaevebeauty

Going forward I really want to grow my Social Media platforms so I can create a community of Makeup Artists, Hairstylists and Beauty Lovers.

I also want to work more closely with other big beauty brands and celebrities and hopefully I’ll have my own successful skincare/makeup line one day!

WORK BY @naimaevebeauty

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