The quick answer: You have to believe that where you are is where you're supposed to be.

Our hope is that the below helps with your overall health, but more importantly helps you structure failures into events that can have a positive impact on you in the long run.

Although our Journal was created for skin health, its greater purpose is to form habits in order to actually create change and help you overcome any obstacles.

So if you're having a hard time currently, download a free journal sample (or invest in the real thing) and start the work of accounting for your actions and bettering yourself.

Here is how to get it done:


The Journal is designed to take you through a process of achieving your goals by becoming intentional about what you want to do (Part 1 of the process). 

By outlining your purpose and what you want to and are supposed to be doing, you are making a plan.

The process of then starting to break down and assign timeframes to everything you want to accomplish starts in part 2 (with the daily trackers and monthly start and end phases).

By breaking down your achievements into phases you start with where you want to get to, and then you work backwards to where you are today, identifying each of the baby steps you have to take to get there in the end.

The Journal helps identify those small tangible steps, and will eventually make you realise that any failures or blockages don't prevent you from reaching your goal, but instead are there to readjust your steps and move in a different direction in order to get to that goal.

By understanding what you have to do, to be, and what you need to ascertain and work on to make your goal a reality, you realise how much you are actually achieving month by month.


In my opinion confidence comes from doing, trying, failing, correcting over and over again. Or alternatively, watching others go through that process and becoming able to absorb everything you need through their experiences and failures.

Become really aware of whatever it is you're getting yourself into, make a plan and have the confidence to execute (Part 1 of the Journal).

If you have a strong enough will and the confidence to move towards something that you really want, you won't let people or hard situations take away from that. 


The hardest thing to do is write down your dream, and then actually make it into a reality.

When you assign a timeframe and a plan of action to a dream it esentially becomes a goal. 

If you keep moving forward, no one is going to know if you mess up or fail every now or then.

Yes you will have to improvise and adapt and overcome. But if you can conform yourself to hard situations and grow from the experience, you're actually becoming shaped and getting better by acquiring those failures. 


Keep these 3 steps in mind whenever you face an obstacle, hard time or something happens that you consider a failure.

Don't let the energy of faliure carry you away. We know that failure feels awful. It hurts, it is heavy and it does not feel good.

But if something doesn't go right it is important to not panic - stay calm and stay present.

Remind yourself what you are doing it for by reading back on Part 1.

Eventually by making daily entries you will train yourself to navigate your journey - have presence of mind, be calm, lay out a plan, know what to expect, and how to deal with what is in-front of you right now. And remember to believe there is possibility, have hope and keep moving forwards.



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