The Digestive Fire is a term originating from Ayurvedic medicine. According to Ayurveda, there are natural times of year where digestion burns hot and times when it cools off. This is why a warm soup in winter and a crisp salad in summer sits so well with our bodies.  

Our diets should be adapted to the season we are in. Each temperature and seasonal change comes with agricultural and nutritional changes in food quality.

The problem we have as a population these days is that supermarkets stock the same foods all year round, as they are sourced globally instead of locally. This means that we may not always eat for the time, country and season we are living in.

Our body’s ability to effectively digest and turn the food we consume into fuel depends on our environment, food quality and microbiome.

Our microbiome is not only affected by our gut health, but the bacterial strains within adapt to our external environment, location and lifestyle also.


Our blog and company ethos focuses on improving the look and feel of skin, starting from within. Therefore, to improve these external factors, we must work to:

1. Strengthen our stomach acid that works to kill pathogens before the move past our other organs

2. Increase our digestive enzymes to effectively break down the protein structure in foods

3. Increase bile within the GI tract to avoid leaky gut and strengthen the gut and elimination pathways

If there are imbalances in these processes it can lead to skin and even health problems down the line. 

We talk in much more depth about this in our blog post: Why acne actually starts in the liver.

What research over the years has found is that brain fog, body odour, even IBS and immune function can be affected by internal imbalances.

This is also why the Radiance Powder was developed to work with the body’s digestive system and support elimination pathways – acne, long term skin health and the health of our insides are so interlinked. You cannot have the long term results you want with your skin without looking at the whole picture, no matter how many amazing creams and masks you are using.


Water Consumption

Ayurveda suggested drinking warm water or herbal tea before eating to improve digestion.

No Snacking

Letting your hunger build between meals means the body has the time and is given the correct signals to secrete bile and digestive enzymes to help with the breakdown of food.

Biggest meal between 12-3pm

Eat your biggest meal in the middle of the day, avoiding heavy dinners, as your digestion is strongest at lunch time.

Quality over Quantity

Eating high quality produce allows the body a break from processed, GMO grown, antibiotic fed, mass produced food. Your whole body benefits from eating less of the following that is proven to weaken the digestive fire.

Be conscious of consuming the following less: meat, milk, eggs, certain cheese, white bread, dairy made sauces and yogurts, conventional sauces filled with sugars and processed foods with salt + sugar excess.

Seasonal Diets

Find out what in your supermarket is local, in season and ripe for the time you are currently in. 

Reset your System

Try a gentle liquid fast every few months for a day or two. Liquids such as fresh vegetable soup, fresh vegetable and fruit juices and of course hot water can stimulate the digestive power and eliminate damaging metabolic residues. 

Taking the Radiance Powder once a day for at least 28 days consistently will work to reset and rebuild your gut function, GI tract and support detoxification and elimination pathways. The reason we suggest taking 1 spoon a day with water, consistently for 28 days, is because this is scientifically how long your skin takes to regenerate. By taking the powder every day your body has a chance to effectively adapt to the formula in order for it to continue to work and benefit your body past the consumption time.


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