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KlarSkin Reforming Liquid

The Reforming Liquid was formulated with the aim to help in the replication of skin cells and circulation, maintain healthy collagen production and improve moisture retention.

When we are born we are 70% water. As we age this number decreases.

There are many factors which effect water retention in our skin and body including stress, sun exposure, the food we consume, our overall wellbeing and other elements dependent on personal circumstance.

There are more reports of stress in today´s western culture and society than ever before, termed cultural stress. Stress causes an inflammatory response affecting our bodies and wellness which in turn dehydrates us making skin appear sallow and dry, causing fine lines, dark circles, and a general loss of a youthful bounce.

The Reforming Liquid keeps hydration in mind, and is aimed to be used alongside other practices including a varied and nutritious diet, exercise, meditation, gratitude, etc., to help you achieve a peak in your skin´s appearance.

UVA rays from the sun penetrate the epidermis to the dermis (the dermis is where the blood supply is found). When the dermis is damaged this reaches your blood supply, affecting your whole body and organs. Eating food rich in water and nutrients not only adds to our daily water intake but gives us the antioxidants, phytonutrients, phytochemicals, alkalinity, boosts our immune system, benefiting our overall appearance. Our vegan supplement is to be used as an addition to a varied diet, and has been scientifically formulated to further enhance and add quality to the appearance of the epidermis.

The connection between water and the wellbeing of our skin is evident. Using wrinkles as an example – they are effectively dehydrated skin. As we get older, our skin feels dryer than it was when we were younger, and 10 years from now it´ll be even dryer.

These topics were the forefront of discussion when formulating the Reforming Liquid, and is why hyaluronic acid (the water molecule) is accompanied with MSM, HCL, Calcium, Magnesium, Copper and other ingredients to address all factors in the aim to improve the look and feel of our overall complexion.

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