Review: How Klarskin Radiance Powder Helped Clear My Adult Acne

How I Cleared Adult Acne with the help of Klarskin

Written and Experienced by Alexia Ritter

My journey with breakouts started in my teenage years when I had persistent but moderate breakouts which I couldn’t shake. After trying multiple different treatments from my dermatologist, from taking antibiotics to various prescription acids he then recommended I go on the birth control pill. This was six years ago.

After this failed to help alleviate my skin problems, I went on Accutane. The dryness, redness, and irritation of my whole complexion were terrible.

After they cleared, they eventually came back, around a year later again leading me to go on Accutane for a second time. After that, my skin stayed clear for years, until about a month of being at college in the US. The breakouts started again, on my chin, and then spread to my forehead and other places. Every time I would come home they would clear up, so I attributed it to the food quality and stress of business school. 

In my second year, when I was 20, however, the acne stopped going away when I came back to Europe. It slowly got worse and worse, and I began to turn to addressing my internal health more.

Little did I know I was about to embark on the most exhausting, hard, but rewarding journey I have ever been on. 

I made a decision to come off the birth control pill after reading Maisie Hill’s Period Power, and that is where my journey of regulating my internal health really started. I tried so many diets, everything from various elimination protocols and being strictly gluten and dairy-free, I struggled to get in all the minerals I needed from these diets. 

This past summer during Covid was by far my worst, I couldn’t figure out why, some combination of rebalancing hormones post-pill and some mysterious force of nature that seemed to be against me. My confidence was shot to say the least. 

I had a perfect diet, saw functional medicine practitioners that did food intolerance tests, and did ‘everything right’. The approach to addressing internal dysfunction resonated with me, however, I was slightly skeptical as I didn’t consider myself to have ‘gut problems’. With a perfectly normal digestive function, I had somewhat ruled it out. I ordered the Radiance Powder out of desperation in October. After two and a half weeks, my inflammation had drastically gone down, and after a month my skin was nearly perfectly clear. 

"After two and a half weeks, my inflammation had drastically gone down, and after a month my skin was nearly perfectly clear. "

I had all of the pieces already: a diet rich in vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and high-quality meats and dairy; I practiced meditation for mindfulness and had great non-irritating skincare (with no harsh alcohols or fragrance), but this was the missing piece. 

My skin is not the only place where I noticed a newfound balance, my insulin levels are far more stable and I no longer get sugar cravings. This was huge for me, as it also stabilized my moods. I also feel as though I have more energy and a newfound glow to my skin as I am able to absorb all the nutrients from my diet. I saw my friends for the first time in months due to the pandemic and they all commented on my skin. If you look at the two pictures you can even see that my eyes are brighter

Before Klarskin Radiance Powder

After Klarskin Radiance Powder 

I eventually went to my doctor, and with a combination of other symptoms (low iron for the first time in my life), we realized I had a parasite. Klarskin had managed to rebalance my gut so much that all of the symptoms the parasite was causing had virtually gone. These are really common, and far more people need to get tested for them.

Do I still get a few hormonal blemishes as my cycle is still finding its balance? Sometimes. If I have a weekend of wine and chocolate and cheese will I have a spot the next week? Maybe. However now I have answers, I know where my (few) spots come from, and I know that I am healthy from the inside.

Here is my overall routine to maintain my clear skin: 

What I ingest first thing in the morning is important to me. Water first thing when I wake up, followed by of course, my dear Klarskin Radiance Powder. I then have a piece of fruit 15 mins later, whatever is in season, these days it's usually a blood orange. I then like to hydrate effectively, I blend chia seeds into my mum’s homemade kefir. The kefir is quite liquidy and the chia seeds thicken it to make it a good morning smoothie. It doesn’t sound great but it does taste very good.


Dietary & Exercise Routine to keep my adult acne calm 

I then tend to have boiled eggs with a good brown, seeded bread and butter. I find that dairy is no problem for me, and really important to get as much Vitamin A as I can. I know, from far too many doctor’s visits trying to clear my skin, that I don’t absorb beta carone as well as the average person, so eating plant based forms of retinol is the best for me. If it’s the weekend I’ll make sarassin crepes, with stewed berries and full fat yoghurt.
My food the rest of the day varies, but my general advice is to try and be as nutrient and mineral dense as possible. I love bone broth as a base for soups, and any slow cooked, warming meal. My mother is a naturopathic nutritionist so her advice is always welcomed. One of our favorite things to do together is to go to our closest bio shop, we always come out with something good (honeycomb! raw fermented miso!).

Exercise is also important to keep my skin clear. Pre-Covid, I used to go to yoga classes 3 times a week, now I do Melissa Wood at home most days. I love her energy, it’s always about your body and how you feel, rather than how you look.

Supplements & Blood Tests

My supplements vary based on blood tests that I get, but I think everyone can benefit from Magnesium. It is really good for hormone balance, and I love it in the Reforming Liquid. Vitamin D is another really good one for clear skin, I got that from the book Clear Skin Forever, it really is a must read. Since I’m in the mountains I do get a lot of sun but for the days I’m not outside I make sure to take one.


Stress & Skincare Routine

Stress is the one thing I struggle with controlling, and I can see it on my skin when I’m in exams for example. I’m also a very “pitta” person if you are into Ayurveda, which is an excess of heat.

That is why stress is my  Achilles heel for acne. I have to say, with time I have learnt to be grateful for it as it is what forces me to slowdown and check on my mindset. Going on walks, taking a sauna, and doing ‘tech free’ days or evenings are all tools in my box. Oh, and remembering the universe is always on your side. 

Skincare is of course a big part of it, but not as much as people make it out to be. I like to go for non-irritating skincare.

I took healthy skin glows online course and it was really fantastic. I also tend to skip cleansers. Never in the morning, and if I’ve been home all day and didn’t put on SPF, i’ll skip it in the evening too. This is the best combination for me. Otherwise, my favorite products include the Dr. Barbara Sturm cleanser, something about it just works. I will follow it up with the Universal Serum on damp skin, and then the Krave beauty great barrier relief to glow and fade pigmentation. I seal it all in with La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra Nuit. There are tons of great brands, I love Renee Rouleau which I get in the US, as well as May Lindstrom Skin’s blue cocoon


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