5 Steps To Prevent & Clear "Maskne" aka Mask Acne



Having had adult acne in the past I understand how frustrating it is when anything additionally irritates your skin. It is no surprise that there has been a surge in facial acne with the wearing of protective masks, which are essential during this global pandemic.

The mixture of synthetic materials rubbing against our face, lack of air circulation causing pores to become clogged, sweat and bacteria growth under the mask, and the inevitable stress caused by the changes we are all facing has resulted in a surge of skin irritations and mask induced acne.

So here are our 5 steps that make a big difference in keeping skin clear during this time and prevent the build up of acne:


Choose a Cotton Mask over a Synthetic one. 

There is new research suggesting that masks made of Cotton may slow the spread of COVID better than using those made of synthetics.

Cotton is also a far better material for your skin as it absorbs sweat and oils better than other materials, and is a more breathable fabric causing less friction and irritation. 


Now you have your reusable cotton mask, wash it after each day and leave to dry overnight.

Wash your face properly. Wash your hands properly before touching your face.

Keep your face clean.



A PH of 5.5 is optimal for a healthy skin barrier.  

A good skin barrier function protects your skin, provides a balanced PH and means skin can withstand maskne better. 

If your skin is dry or flaky that usually indicates it’s a bit alkaline (PH is too high). 

If acne prone it means it’s too acidic (PH is too low).

To balance skin’s PH levels do not use soap (PH usually over 7-9), switch to micellar water and mild cleansers and try not to use any skincare with alcohol listed as one of the top 3 ingredients. Alcohol also increases the PH of skin.

Switch to products that are non-comedogenic, with a balanced PH level that nourish skin with what it needs to improve skin barrier function. 

The Universal Serum is non comedogenic, has a balanced PH and contains high quality stable raw materials that have 0 alcohol in them (for best results always choose a formula that is stable and alcohol free like the Universal Serum).

On top of that the levels of Silver and Zinc found within are especially beneficial in destroying bacterial microorganism and work to calm, heal and soothe skin’s surface in the most natural way possible – ultimately improving skin barrier function over time.


Skin becomes drier and more acidic with age.

Rehydrating and nourishing skin from within is the best way to support your skin barrier function and calm any internal inflammations which inevitably show up on skin. 

Drink plenty of filtered water, and for an extra boost try our Reforming Liquid.

I have personally relied heavily on our Bestselling Radiance Powderduring the entire pandemic to support my gut, liver and GI tract from within (with a number of benefits from skin clarity, hormone balance, immunity support and toxin elimination). For a skin reset and complete regeneration from within try taking the Powder for 30 days, and continue to use it whenever you see visible changes and dips in skin clarity and vibrance.


 Hydrating skin properly will trap in skin’s moisture.

A good hyaluronic acid serum makes a big difference. Remember to layer the correct skin care in the right order. Vitamin C first, then a good quality hyaluronic acid sealed with a hydrating and non comedogenic moisturizer.

Remember as always, consistency and good habits are key. During this time routine is not only good for your skin but for your mind, and we hope the above list helps you comfortably wear your mask with no additional skin irritations.

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