KLARSKIN was founded by Antoneta in 2019 due to the her frustration with the lack of long-lasting solutions available when she started to suffer from adult acne in her mid 20s. It is the first non-perscription clinically approved acne treatment company in Europe.


Antoneta’s struggle with adult acne left her unable to find a lasting solution that didn’t involve antibiotic or medical intervention. After years of using luxury skincare and undergoing facials and procedures, her medical family worked to discover a solution that performed well long term, and was the result of new developments in research and scientific formulation.

The Radiance Powder was the first product to not only remove persistent acne, but kept further inflammation at bay.

So far, the Powder has treated over 27,000 women with adult acne.  It is an international bestseller having sold out in Europe and the USA via Net A Porter and Douglas.

Dermatologically tested and approved, it’s efficacy in patient clinical trials has proven the long term results in helping women nourish deficiencies, balance hormones, and improve gut and liver health, which all ultimately lead to long term clear skin.

Today KLARSKIN continues to focus on tackling skin problems in a systematic approach, providing long-term solutions that go beyond skin health and look at the body as a whole.

KLARSKIN products are physician formulated, clinically tested and have effectively proven to offer sustainable results, with a focus on addressing the root causes and overall health, rather than just offering quick-fixes.

“We are a skincare company with a focus on overall health. We were the first supplement company in Europe to focus on the root cause of skin issues, offering high quality advanced formulas that are the foundation for overall wellbeing. The result is healthier skin”


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