As the New Year approaches, I wanted to write an open letter to our customers and community to let you know what the future of KLARSKIN will look like.

I launched KLARSKIN in Germany with the support of Douglas Cosmetics in early 2019 with the aim to help women who, like me, started suffering from quite severe adult acne for the first time in their adult lives.

At the time there was not much information or resource across Europe to help women who were past the age of puberty understand how their diets, stress levels, hormonal and gut and organ health was actually affecting their physical appearance, primarily skin. I have watched our community, support and sales grow so much over the past 4 years.

Along with that, our returning customer rate is 3 times larger than industry average – which means more to me than you know, as it confirms that our products and formulas are actually making a change to your lives and are a small part of your healthy daily routine and healing process.

Now, KLARSKIN is entering into a new season. We are working with some incredible new partners, doctors, specialists, and are about to expand our product range to provide you with the formulations that we think are missing from the general marketplace. KLARSKIN plans to stick to products that are very problem specific, that can be used alongside lifestyle changes to assist you on your health journey.
Rest assured there won’t be any basic synthesised vitamin products – all new products are things that women have told me are missing from their current lives, that would really help support their needs and are of the highest raw material quality. This was a must have for me as I have struggled with sensitivities and dysfunction for so long that I can only take very specific supplements that are bioavailable and of a certain regulatory standard.

The aim of KLARSKIN is to provide the women who and customers around us the support to living a healthier life, and give them a long-term solution rather than a quick fix plaster that ultimately doesn't get to the root cause.

KLARSKIN will provide an over-the-counter solution that is more health conscious, with less invasive side effects, and can be used consistently to get to the root cause of different skin issues, improve women's inner health, and solve some of the problems that keep being brought to our attention that are too specific, and too big of a dysfunction for the Radiance Powder to tackle alone.

We can see from our Wellness Club which articles perform the best, where you need more information, more support, where your health and wellbeing needs help, what is causing the most dysfunction and problems in your health journey and ultimately impacting your skin. We have been working for over a year to research and test different solutions and feel like we are finally at a stage where we are able to give you a high quality and more affordable solution that actually works.

So for now we are offering you an over 50% discount for the remaining Universal Serum and Reforming Liquid left in stock. After these bottles are gone, they will not be restocked.

We have also improved the Radiance Powder formulation, and wow does it feel good (I have been taking it consistently for the past 3 months and will not go to sleep before I have taken it now).

Thank you for your support and please keep an eye on our wellness club for information and resources to support you whilst we are finalising our new range. We relaunch in summer of this year!

Wishing you all a wonderful 2023,

Antoneta Bursac
Founder of KLARSKIN

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