The key to health is eating dirt rich in nutrients. Soil transfers key nutrients to the plants that we eat, and those nutrients feed our microbes, making up our overall well being. 

Our health and the health of our planet are closely connected. Taking care of the microbes in the soil is critical for optimal gut, and overall human health.

It is a well known fact that the nutrient values in our food sources today are lower than they were generations, and even years before. Essentially the depletion in nutrient value shows up as deficiencies, inflammation and even disease down the line.

Depending on your Genetic tolerance to stressors, you will see symptoms of these depletions in different ways - in my personal case these nutritional deficiencies and poor lifestyle choices led to chronic acne in my mid-20s (you can read my full story here).

Gut health is a basic health pillar for everyone because the GI tract connects to everything – what we eat is actually one of the biggest distinctions to the classification of our health. For example: The small intestine is responsible for absorption and brining vitamins and nutrients across the body’s entire membrane, fuelling our body and it’s system. It's function, along with our microbiome, directly influence inflammation and disease, as depending on the the food we eat we create our own healthy bacteria or harmful pathogens that affect our entire bodies.

Scientists have even discovered that they can find concentrated molecules showing inflammation in the blood stream as little as 30 minutes after eating a greasy, GMO, preservative, poor quality, low nutrient value meal.

Here are some things that I have learnt about the importance of food, soil and supplement quality that changed my inner health, and ultimately the look and feel of my skin for good.


The microorganisms in soil contain everything from bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, algae and protozoa. The fate of Water and Carbon are also tied to Soil Organic Matter. 

Healthy soil absorbs water and carbon dioxide, and is rich and diverse in the above mentioned components. When we destroy soil it releases water and carbon and turns soil into dust. Unhealthy soil essentially becomes land that has lost all nutrient value and turns into desert.

The biggest risk to our climate, environment and individual health is the above mentioned erosion of soil.

By now we are fully aware of the importance of feeding our gut microbes for everything from our immune, brain and even skin health. What is often left out of the conversation is the importance of nurturing our soil, investing in organic local grown produce and gardening ourselves as the microbes we get from these sources is far greater than any man made probiotic can artificially deliver.

However the world we are living in drives inflammation. Sugar is a major driver, processed meals are essentially pre-digested foods that contain no nutrient value, low quality mass produced plant and meat produce has left us lethargic and deficient, and it is no wonder that we have come full circle to adult acne, liver and gut issues.


Quality over Quantity every single time. Know where your food comes from, invest in local grown and organic sourced food, and pay attention that your supplements come from high quality plant sources vs purely synthesized chemicals. The best option is to grow whatever you can yourself and nurture your own plants and soil, but as this is not accessible to everyone the next best thing is to buy organic produce and invest in only high quality supplements to support your microbes and GI tract in their function. 

Gardening Blue Zones

Studies that have been done on individuals that live in ‘Blue Zones’ - areas of the world where a high % of people live over the age of 100 - proving that the one everyday outdoor activity that sets people up for thriving well into their triple digits is gardening.

Author of the Blue Zone Kitchens, Dan Buettner says: ‘Gardening is the epitome of a Blue Zone activity because gardening hits three of the nine Blue Zone pillars of healthy living in just one activity':

1. Move naturally

2. Manage your stress and

3. Eat mostly plants



Every body is so different, and you must experiment and find a rhythm and grace that works best for you.

Eliminating sugar and other processed foods is our basic first step.

Pay attention to microbiome rich plant sources. Keep in mind if you eat plants with lectins that have toxins in them they can break the epithelial lining of the gut causing an autoimmune response. 

I make Soups and Stews weekly as they cook and soften meats and plants that helps with digestion. Lean into pureed vegetables, soft cooked vegetables, herbal antimicrobials and seasonal herbs.

Our Radiance Powder is my number one recommendation for adding a high quality supplement source to your every day diet. It is rich in high quality soluble fibres that majorly help with gut diversity. Try to focus on consuming plants daily alongside the Powder as they inject a sustainable long term and diverse fibre source into our bodies.

Roots are also a must have for nutrient optimization - Beetroot Powder is a raw material found in our Powder that adds a grounding, moving, clearing element to your diet that will support your natural detoxification pathways.

Consuming Berries and Berry Powder first thing in the morning promotes the growth of beneficial bacterial species and is a gut modulating plant - polyphenols in berries are really key for promoting the growth of beneficial bacterial species. The Radiance Powder contains a potent dose of dry-freeze raspberry powder that ensures the raspberry nutrient value stays high.

Soluble fibres help trigger the good bacterial processing centres in the Gut - as mentioned above we have trillions of bacterial species living in our Gut, more than any product will ever be able to deliver artificially. The Radiance Powder was scientifically developed to activate and revive the pre-existing bacteria that has depleted and become malnourished over time from poor diet and lifestyle stressors, and feed these bacteria what they needs to activate, thrive and bring them back to life.

Resting is another huge factor that impacts waste elimination, Gut health and the function of your GI tract. Giving your body 8-10 hours of rest at night, not eating too close to bed time, cutting down on snacks, and leaving a few hours between your 3 meals a day all help your intestines clear out completely between meals. This means they can absorb new food at an optimum when it passes through the digestive process. Long fasts are intense diets are not necessary, just eating at a consistent time each day, 3 times a day, is enough to regulate your insides.

Finally eating a diet high in nutrient rich plants and supplementing with a good quality source will lead to overall improvements in energy and vitality. 

Your gut is communicating to the origins inside your cells that have their own DNA - all of this is effecting the brain, ultimately having a massive effect on your energy.

Our mitochondria produces energy from either glucose (comes from carbohydrates we eat) or amino acids (protein we eat) or free fatty acids (fat that we eat or have stored).

Normally mitochondria sources from one of these three sources, with the carbohydrate sugar molecules arriving first for processing. Next our bodies pull energy from protein that takes a longer time to digest into amino acids. Finally fat takes an longer time as it is absorbed into our lymph. Fully supporting this process with the above suggestions will not only transform your gut health, but have an enormous impact on your mental and physical health too.

Remember that your internal organ function, in particular Gut health, is a basic health pillar for everyone because the GI tract connects to everything else in the body, including your skin. What you feed your body can ultimately transform all aspects of how you look and feel.

We hope the above information helps you make optimal food choices. For any questions or further information please don't hesitate to contact us at



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