What professional skin treatments work best for acne prone skin?

Caroline McLean answers one of the most common questions we get from customers who are looking to spend some money on treatment alongside using the Starter Pack.

With an acne type skin treatment I will start with a full in depth consultation where lifestyle, sleep quality, stress and diet are all discussed as well as current skin care routines.Skin care will be advised upon - often removing things to begin with.

This will be tweaked as needed as we progress.

Time frame is very important and usually it will be advised that we will work within a 6-12 month timeframe to see real results.

Improvements are often seen before this but it is important to understand that it takes time for treatments and lifestyle changes to take effect.

Always make sure treatments condition the skin first and then add product in to treat specific concerns.

With most acne clients they come to see me with active acne that we will treat before. Once the active spots have calmed we can then treat the scarring left behind.Treatment wise I will advise on an initial 3 treatment program.

All my own treatments are bespoke and are decided on the day based on how your skin is that day but to generalise these will often be a mixture of skin peels (of which there are many to chose from), Hydro facials and Celluma Light Therapy.

Progressing to resurfacing treatments such as medium depth peel/ peel duos and Skin Pen sessions (to treat scars/pigment) or RF needling sessions.Every treatment has its place. I’m quite fond of combining therapies and also believe that skin needs to be treated internally as well as topically. I always recommend starting with the Radiance Powder alongside professional treatment as this will ensure consistent longer term results.


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