Fraser Olender's Wellness Routine

Fraser Olender’s Wellness Routine

Hello, My name is Fraser and I am an avid traveler dedicated to the sphere of fine travel and luxury hospitality. I am in my late 20’s and currently based in the south of France working as a chief stew on a private super-yacht.

Fraser's Passion for Travel

Travel has increasingly become a passion and near obsession of mine; I have made it my profession, it consumes all of my time off, rids me of any savings but is the one thing that excites me to hop out of bed in the morning (usually succeeding sleepless nights damned by an internal holiday countdown clock constantly ticking away keeping me up with excitement). 

My passion for traveling is both a blessing and a curse, the blessing being that I have found something I truly adore something that exhilarates me, and something that makes me genuinely happy. The curse; sacrificing any stability or consistency in my life, never being in one place, living out of a suitcase, and having to work my arse off to afford it, but oh is it all so worth it! The enjoyment and desire to travel is my oxygen (without sounding too cringe-worthy), it comes before most things to me, including love or any time attempting to find love. If anything, you could say that travel and luxury hospitality is my love - it makes me squirm with euphoria yet frequently disappoints, enormously. It totally depletes any hopes of me buying a property and settling down (not that there are any, sorry Mum), it also keeps me working restlessly to enable it but more importantly (now that Covid is somewhat behind us) it is a loyal love that has no way of getting rid of me. A whirlwind romance, if you will, of endless destinations I am yet to explore.

Fraser Olender Below Deck

Fraser's Eye For Detail

Having worked on super yachts for the last few years, paired with the good fortune of having traveled extensively growing up, I have developed a very distinct eye for quality and a perpetual desire to always be engrossed in the highest forms of luxury venues and service. It is not just the beauty of travel that inspires me. My fascination, the engine behind this hobby is born from my deep appreciation of the fine craft, detail and the emergence of ultra-luxury establishments, immersed in the fruits of their settings, in all corners of the globe. I must conclude that I, therefore, am not so much of a ‘traveler’ per se, but a keen hospitality enthusiast totally enthralled with how elevated the realm of hospitality can be.

Fraser's Morning Routine 

As much as my life rarely has a routine, I find that I am somewhat able to maintain a morning schedule that’s proven to be hard to break, whatever my current geolocation. The first thing I do when I wake up is head over to the bathroom, throw my entire head under the cold tap, and jump into my running attire. I take my probiotics and vitamins on an empty stomach, without fail (one spoon of Powder in a glass and fill with filtered water). Most mornings I’ll run a minimum of 10k, either on land or a treadmill (depending on my whereabouts) allowing me to start the day how I now know I need to.

How Fraser Stays Fit While Traveling 

Running is my therapy, I am able to ponder over all things worth pondering over, assess issues with a clear mind, and focus on what I am to achieve that day, week, month or year. I have found myself, on numerous occasions, completely blacking out into a state of self-hypnosis/meditation - running 5k without being conscious of any of my surroundings, instead entirely immersed in my own thoughts and goals - my morning manifestation, if you will. Running is something I discovered later in life but something I will take with me forever (I’m also genuinely baffled at how fast and far I can run/ push myself without ever having trained as a runner before!). 


Fraser's Morning Routine (post workout)

After this essential part to my day, I’ll trot back, shower, moisturize my whole body, and apply Obagi Professional C Serum 15%, followed by Klarskin Universal Serum, AlumierMD Ultimate Boost Serum, pHformula SOS Repair Cream and SOS Eye Rescue to my face before a factor of 50. If I’m working or heading down to the pool, the above activities seldom change. I drink 1 spoon of the Radiance Powder mixed with filtered water on an empty stomach. I don’t eat breakfast unless it’s Dad’s French Toast (which happens probably twice a year when I get to see the family - sad but true). If I’m working, I’ll get straight into my uniform and smash out my work day. If I’m not, it’s either an outfit for lunch or swimmers and linen to lounge in by a pool. 

A Diet Full of Greens 

My diet is pretty consistent - or at least I try to keep it consistent. I eat lots of leafy greens, vegetables and avoid carbs in excess. My favorite food is pizza (basic I know but truly the best) so I’ll treat myself from time to time, but other than that I stray away from gluten-based products as it encourages acid reflux (something that’s quite prominent in my family, thanks Dad). Small portions for lunch or dinner and a dessert if being really naughty.

Self Care 

Since treating myself well, putting myself first, and dedicating the last 3 years to understanding my body and mind, I have never been happier. I cannot stress how unbelievably important it is to look after yourself, both mentally and physically. I struggled to work in industries that didn’t make me happy so I made my whole world about what I love. If I have any advice to give anyone it’s to figure yourself out, spend time alone, travel alone, date to find out what you definitely don’t like, and stay open to the unknown - you’ll be surprised to discover what you do enjoy (wink).

The unknown and the acceptance of new and exciting things, career changes, moving to different counties with no one but your perfect self - it’s these things that will allow you to grow and pinpoint what you need, what you want and will enable a one-way to feeling content, fulfilled and happy. I’d also highly advise looking your best, always, whether that’s to go on a run, a date, or to a business meeting. 

You’d be surprised at how much this enhances your confidence and therefore opportunities. Feeling good means looking good and whatever the weather, go above and beyond. Break your own boundaries, take risks, put yourself out of your comfort zone, and above everything, trust yourself to always have your own back. Everyone has down days, but the only driving force for change and greatness is you. So be kind to yourself, shrug off embarrassing moments/memories, be confident and strive towards your best self.

Skincare bits:

Klarskin Universal serum 

Klarskin Radiance Powder 

pHformula SOS Eye Rescue

AlumierMD Ultimate Boost Serum

Obagi Professional C Serum 15%

pHformula SOS Repair Cream

Lancaster after sun for body 

50 spf everyday shisheido for face 

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