New research has just show that there is now a gene injection that can rewind your heart by 10 years



There is a healthy gene that has been found in people who live over 100. It is called the BP1FB4 gene, anyone who has it enjoys longer life spans. It is primarily found in fit and healthy people who stay healthy and live far longer than the average life spam (currently the average life span in the US is 77).

This BP1FB4 gene causes cardiac regeneration and growth of new vessels which is essentially what you need to literally reverse ageing. According to the study, the mice that were injected with this gene resulted in having a reversed heart age by about 10 years.

You can find out if you have the gene already by getting tested today, but since they have found it in mice and scientist have now found a way to inject the gene successfully, there could be a treatment for humans in the not too distant future.

Currently this research is still under review but stay tuned as this is the first sign of age reversal perhaps being possible in humans one day.


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