How To Use The KLARSKIN Starter Pack

How To Use The KLARSKIN Starter Pack

Have you received your KLARSKIN Starter Pack and not sure how to begin? Take a look at the blog post below to get a better idea of how to use your products!


RADIANCE POWDER: For best results start with mixing 1 spoon of the Radiance Powder in water each morning, 15 minutes before food.

Consistency is key, so if you forget to drink it in the mornings, consume at the end of the day before bed on an empty stomach instead. 1 spoon a day, each day, without any breaks.

Once the Powder is mixed with water, we recommend drinking it in one go to keep potency at an optimum.

UNIVERSAL SERUM: Apply the Universal Serum to clean, dry skin each morning and night.

The Serum ingredients work to regulate and soothe skin on the outside whilst the Powder works from the inside, taking a dual approach to achieve clear skin.

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(Repeat for 28 days) 

The skin takes 28 days to regenerate. This is why we recommend taking the Radiance Powder consistently until the whole bottle is consumed.

The Radiance Powder works to solve dysfunction, meaning the effects continue past the consumption period.

Once you have finished the Radiance Powder, your gut and body is ready to absorb the full benefits of the Reforming Liquid or any other vitamins you may be taking.

Day 30

REFORMING LIQUID: Start consuming the Reforming Liquid after you have finished the Radiance Powder by adding 10ml to water.

Feel free to work your way up to 20ml a day. Since the Powder has worked to solve dysfunction, the Reforming Liquid works to increase cell turnover and nourish any deficiencies with far greater absorption properties now your body has been prepped and is ready.

Continue with the use of the Universal Serum.

For ways to support your clear skin journey, please read our blog post about the additional steps you can take to support your skin.

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