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I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario which is a city in Canada.

In university I studied Media Communications and later went on to specialize in Marketing. My first job after school was actually for a retailer that I worked at during high school, I spent 4 years there until moving onto my next opportunity working for an eComm wellness brand.

After just spending a little under a year there I was laid off which was actually a blessing to me because it allowed me to finally take the leap to become a freelance creative consultant, which is what I’ve been doing since. 

After taking a greater interest in my health and wellbeing I always knew that I wanted to eventually share my learnings and have open conversations with other individuals who were on their journey or work within the industry.

I decided to lean into the podcast route because I love having conversations and learning more about people, also for myself I love listening to interviews so it made sense. There are so many different and fun plans that I have to take Lemon Water into a different direction, all I can say is follow along and stay tuned :)

My morning routine isn’t anything special really, I wake up at around 8 or 8 30am.

I do reach for my phone first thing just to look over my notes on what needs to be done for the day. I then proceed to make a morning beverage which is typically coffee or matcha with honey, chaga and either cordcepys, and start working on e-mails followed by a light workout before lunch.

I practice intermediate fasting so don’t typically eat till around noon.  

I try my best to nourish myself with what my body needs daily, this also depends on the season and time of year.

I try my best to drink at least 3L of water every day, sometimes that comes from liquids sometimes that comes from my food. My water intake is important because it supports my brain function and keeps my skin hydrated from the outside in.

I’m also very big on gut health, sometimes it’s difficult for us to get this solely from our foods so I take the seed daily symbiotic every day. 


My beauty routine is very simple. In the morning I make sure to just use a face mist and a super hydrating serum or cream.

Right now I’m between my Caudalie Vinoperfect and the Lesse ritual serum. At night time I try to exfoliate twice a week! 

Gratitude, over the past year I’ve been waking up every day and going to bed every night thanking the universe for everything that I have in my life. Once you acknowledge all that you have you realize you have so much to be thankful for. Whether it be your health, family, friends, the roof over your head or your loved ones practicing gratitude provides me with clarity and energy. 

Thank you Michelle for your feature. You can visit Lemon Water by clicking here.

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