Kat Lestage's Wedding Beauty Plan

Kat Lestage is a Wellness expert. Throughout her career she has brought brands including ours to Net A Porter’s beauty assortment.

Today Kat works with some of the most innovative brands in the UK to advance their product assortment and global footprint. We were fortunate to interview her post wedding for her beauty, wellness and fitness regimen.



Leading up to my wedding I was planning on having a six week regime but in actuality it is just not how it happened. Six months before the wedding I really started thinking about how I wanted to look and made a conscious decision to not stress so much about it - as long as the dress fit I didn’t want to spend months obsessing to look a certain way, I just wanted to look like myself.

I would work out about three to four times a week, strength training, weight lifting in the gym, and swimming. A month before my wedding I moved to Ireland and didn’t have access to a gym but was doing long walks daily.

In regards to professional beauty treatments I started getting laser hair removal well before so I would feel comfortable and relaxed for my wedding day and honeymoon.



I was seeing an amazing esthetician at Pfeffer Salfor a year before the wedding. Three months before the wedding I started getting hydra facials to clear out my pores and get something a bit more invasive but not so invasive like microneedling. I am also religious about using revitalash and revitabrow two to three months before the wedding so everything was natural and filled.

As someone who works in beauty I have a crazy daily routine, especially in the lead up to the wedding. I took my Radiance Powder every morning to get a handle on any breakout that might be happening. Lyma daily which has amazing keratin, great for hair skin and nails. Alongside my supplements I started giving my skin some intense skincare than I would normally use. I then use an amazing thick cleansing balm from Romley Wilde  and night cream to reduce fine lines. 

SPF is a must every day to reduce pigmentation, my favourite one is the Thank you farmer sun project light sun. Five full fingers every morning helped me get a clear, bright complexion. I also use the Eborian CC cream instead of any foundation or other make up as it also has SPF in it and helped me keep my makeup application light and helped me avoid any inflammation coming up. I also used the Lyma laser a few months leading up to the wedding and using low laser therapy.


I still kept up my skincare routine after the wedding because I just love beauty - I got about three facials on our honeymoon. I continued to take the Radiance Powder as particularly when I travel I get hormonal breakouts and stress related breakouts so always have it with me. I’ve gotten stopped by security a couple times as I bring it in my hand luggage but it is worth it!

I laid off some of the intense anti-aging skincare and switched to a face oil as my main moisturiser as it gives me a really nice glow. I use the Votary CBD face oil which gives me a nice glow, giving my skin a bit less intense attention and keeping up with my supplementation, Vitamin D and omegas.

Water is really important - drink a lot of it as you will be drinking a lot of alcohol so you want to avoid looking dehydrated. The Universal Serum  is a great hydration boost and will just strengthen your skin barrier.



Finally my tips for the actual day is to sleep a lot. Sleep during the time of planning, during the week of the wedding, the night before the wedding. Get into bed after that rehearsal dinner and just sleep. 

Finally get a blow dry the week before the wedding. You know you’re getting your hair and make up done before the wedding, but take one thing off your plate.


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