I can’t imagine my life without beauty. 

As a junior beauty editor for Vogue Czechoslovakia I’m constantly changing and testing new products. I’m not surprised that people feel overwhelmed or confused because sometimes I feel like my head will explode from all the newness.

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My routine has to be effective and work for my skin. 

My morning cleanser of choice is Glossier Milky Jelly or Cerave. Something really gentle and non-irritating. Then I mist my face with rose water from Santa Maria Novella or LRP Serozinc.

Next step is gel essence. Now I’m testing Dior Capture Totale Cell Energy but my all time favorite is Hada Labo which I buy in Japan.

Vitamin C serum for a day to protect my skin and unify my skin tone. I’m into Agent Nateur Holi-C powder which I mix with a little bit of water and spread all over my face, neck and chest.

I might even add hyaluronic serum by Niod, Glossier, Barbara Sturm or Tatcha. 

I really enjoy my Klarskin powder on empty stomach first thing in the morning before any food. I love the fact that you take a slow approach to skin healing and don’t make crazy promises. Your skin really needs at least a month to see the best benefits from the supplement and topical skincare. I noticed that my tummy felt better immediately after first use. After month my skin was glowing, felt less oily and more nourished from the inside. Gut health is everything.


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When it comes to face cream I’m hard to be pleased.

I have a variety of different textures and I rotate between them depending on how my skin feels. My go-tos are moisturizers by Tatcha, La Mer, Sunday Riley, Allies of Skin or Augustinus Bader. I always finish my routine with SPF 50. 

I use Japanese brands because they are the best, most lightweight and won’t break me out. I can do this routine in five minutes.

If I’m in a rush it’s cleanser, mist, vit c, face cream and spf or cleanser x face cream x spf trio. 

It’s also important to give your face a break to reset. Sometimes I will just wash my face at night and leave it like that. Skin might feel a bit strange but after an hour you will see what I’m talking about. If I feel a huge breakout, I will ZIIP it and slap Zitsticka patch on it and ugly monster will be gone by morning. 

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I’m really into face masks. Can’t believe it when people say they don’t use them or that they don’t have time. You really can’t find 15 minutes for yourself? That’s bad. 

 I’ve tried thousands of face masks and so far the best ones are by Biologique Recherche. Obsessed big time with Vivant and VIP O2. I tend to use clay and clarifying masks more often because they really work for my skin. I’m a devotee of retinol. I use it every night and sometimes alternate with some kind of acid. If you look on my top shelf you will always find Vintner’s Daughter serum. It’s everything I ever wanted from oil.

Can’t live without my ZIIP micro current device which basically allows me to lift my face and erase spots while I’m watching Netflix on my couch. 

I really believe in electrical facials and LED therapy. Dr. Dennis Gross LED is brilliant. Just like with skincare, if you want to see results, you have to use these gadgets consistently. Magic won’t happen overnight. 

One day I want to get facial from Joanna Czech, Melanie Simon, Dennis Gross, Lord Gavin McLeod-Valentine and Michael Prager. Recently I was lucky enough to get an amazing treatment from Jasmina Vico in London. Boy she is so wonderful! 

Don’t get me wrong I love “clean” beauty (even thought I hate the term) and well formulated products, but to be honest I’m more concerned about the worsening of air quality, food supply, water, vaccines, uncontrollable migration to EU, homelessness, communists in our government and crazy oligarchs in politics who are basically ruling our country and all media. Is the future of humankind really bright?

I don’t think so. I hope I’m wrong. I’m known for hoarding my skincare in fear of apocalypse. Just kidding. 

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I used to wear so much foundation when I was younger. I can’t believe I thought that covering my face in brown mess would help my skin. I don’t use foundation. I don’t want to cover my healthy skin. If you take good care of your skin why hide it? It feels a bit outdated to me.

I prefer concealing areas with my trustworthy concealers. 

Favorites? Fenty, Dior, Cle De Peau, Glossier. 

I brush my brows with Boy brow. Add a little bit of bronze and blush. Current fav is Dior Rosy Glow. I even curl my lashes to make my eyes pop. Sometimes I will add a bit of mascara to the roots to really intensify my look. I love to play with different finishes on my face. 

Keeping certain places were shiny and glossy while I mattify certain places. That’s when I want to play and feel great. Next day I might only wear concealer and brush my brows. Or I won’t even use anything. Make up should be fun. I really don’t know why some people feel offended by guys who wear a bit of make-up. At the end of the day it washes off so what’s the problem? 

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When it comes to hair I’m a devotee of Kevin Murphy haircare. I have super fine hair and their Young.Again line just works for me. I prefer messy hair look so I’m never without Fresh Hair dry shampoo. I’m happy with my messy bob with my middle parting.

I do bikram two to three times per week. I’m so into it I even wake up at 5.30 am to get into my class at 6 am. I always feel like a new person when I leave all sweaty and hot ready to hop into cold shower. When I’m in Switzerland I do jogging around lake.

 I’ve always been obsessed with beauty and beauty products. I remember when I was little I always wanted my own perfume and face cream. I dreamed about owning jar of La Mer and brown bottle of Advanced Night Repair serum by Estée Lauder. I saved a lot of money to get my first bottle. 

My skin has always been on the acne prone side.

I’ve never had a really bad acne but there was a time I didn’t want to leave my house. It’s easier said than done but don’t worry about acne and pimples. They are normal. We all get them. You will be fine darling. 

I’m constantly working on new secret projects. I’ve set up my goals for 2020.What I want to achieve and do. 

It’s good to work hard, but this idea of no days off is not. I don’t like people who brag about how they’re so stressed and that they didn’t even have time to eat lunch that day. That’s not something to be proud of. Don’t view the idea of self-care as a trend but rather as opportunity to look at where are you and where you want to go. 

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Thank you Josef for taking the time to talk to us

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