My Experience with KLARSKIN by Liam Reeves



At the age of thirteen – a time of raging hormones and bodily changes – my skin was blemish-free. Whilst my classmates were having breakouts on the daily, I felt I was  one of the lucky ones and had avoided the plague that is acne.

But I was wrong: my skin began, and hasn’t stopped breaking out, since the age of 18 – mainly whiteheads and papules. I’m now 24 and retrospectively, it was the worst time it could have happened. A time when I’d started my degree, moved to university and came out as gay. A time when appearance was everything. 

Since then, I’ve tried every ‘cure’ under the sun, from topical creams to antibiotics, to try and protect myself from the physical and mental effects of acne. Although, I’ve never let it control my life, feelings of social isolation and self-consciousness are an unwelcome side effect, running far deeper than the blemishes themselves.

Towards the end of last year – and reluctant to try Accutane given its known effects on mental health and whole host of physical ailments, dry skin, chapped lips and hair loss (to name but a few) – I discovered Klarskin Radiance Powder & Universal Serum. 

The value proposition was strong: completely vegan ingredients, without the harsh side effects of pharmaceutical solutions and a known track record of improving blemish-prone skin. Researching the product thoroughly, I found it tapped into the school of thought that the gut and skin were intrinsically linked – a link which is becoming more understood and accepted in the world of skincare today. 

It made sense, I suffer from IBS too and I realised this could be impacting my skin health and causing breakouts. In January of this year and without further ado, I began trialling the powder and serum simultaneously. 

In the first instance, I was to take the powder in the mornings and use the serum morning and night as part of my skincare routine – after my Vichy face wash and before my Neutrogena hydro-gel moisturiser.  Desperate to clear my skin up, I stuck to taking the powder and applying the serum strictly – only missing the powder on a handful of occasions. 

At the same time, I made some lifestyle changes. I continued not drinking dairy and avoided red meat where I could – both known to inflame skin. I also drank even more water and tried to limit my alcohol intake – although that was a slightly harder challenge given I work in the infamously social world of PR. 

The consistency of the powder was similar to that of a smoothie, and shared the fruity taste of a smoothie, too. Having said that, it tasted very natural and took a while to get used to. The serum applied easily and felt fresh and light on the skin, unlike some of the heavier serums on the market.

Getting into the swing of my new skincare routine, I started noticing the benefits – particularly of the powder. My digestion really improved and settled my IBS which could only be a good sign. According to the science, cleaning my gut would ultimately help clear up my skin. 

Yet, towards the end of the month I still hadn’t noticed many changes to the severity of my acne, albeit it being slightly drier. But patience was key, and around six weeks my skin felt less oily, more radiant and outbreaks had slowed down. After consulting Antoneta, I also doubled the amount of powder I was taking – which continued the good work that had already started. 

After about three months of taking the powder and applying the serum – the results were noticeable and I felt a lot more confident in myself. I rarely suffered outbreaks, my skin felt less aggravated and redness and marks caused by previous inflamed acne began to fade. 

I’m not going to sugar coat it, though, my skin still isn’t completely clear and I don’t see this as the end of my acne clearing journey by any means. It is worth noting, however, I suffer and have suffered from a particularly severe case of acne – and every person’s skin will react differently, like with any health issue. 

And, Klarskin’s modus operandi is completely different to a pharmaceutical solution. What it offers is a reserved healing journey , without the severity and chemicals of pharmaceutical interventions – and I truly believe this is the case. I’m going to continue with the same regime, and would certainly recommend to anyone struggling with acne. Though at a slightly higher price point, it really does help to treat the root cause of the issue, and the benefits speak for themselves.







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