An On Set Interview With Photographer, Michaela Wissen

An On Set Interview with Photographer, Michaela Wissen 

This past summer we were able to work with and interview Michaela Wissen, the photographer for our latest campaign, The Klarskin Aesthetic, shot in Stockholm, Sweden. 

The KLARSKIN Aesthetic is about filling your body with positive energy, cleansing the body, mind & soul from within. When looking for a photographer to help bring this story to life, we could not think of anyone better than Michaela. Her work is uncomplicated, colorful and has an effortless ability about it, capturing the most organic moments right as they unfold. 

Watch the interview with Michaela below: 

 Video by Max Lander 


 The Klarskin Aesthetic Story:

As summer progressed, she was starting to focus on the experience of simply being. Reconnecting to a desolate place where she could feel full with the everyday. To escape the city, reflect on what should be focused on from within, cleanse and hydrate in the brisk water during a late-night plunge before an afternoon of journaling before resting.

Waking up, she wants to experience the world as it is. Feeling the wind in her hair, the autumn sun against her summer sweaters, the cold water on her soft, clear skin. She hydrates with the water that surrounds her, she feels the elements of the earth against her body, she creates a space to explore her subconscious mind. 


A few of our favorite shots from the campaign: 


 See the rest of Michaela's favorites on her website here
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