Stress affects our health in so many negative ways. To heal not just acne, but your body as a whole, you need to regulate your cortisol levels, reduce stress and calm your nervous system.

Chronic stress is so often the cause of severe acne, and an unregulated nervous system will not allow the body to feel safe and calm enough to effectively heal. Happiness and being relaxed and calm in general is underrated and should be prioritised for a healthy, happy, long life.

Start by checking in with the below 10 points. You should be doing all of these regularly, but if not making these small changes could have a hugely positive impact on your acne & health:

 1. Cellular Hydration - drink clean, mineral rich water. Add Celtic salt, electrolytes and supplements to help replenish essential minerals daily.

2. Emotional Release and Mental Health - meditation has been scientifically proven to change your brain. Learn to sit with yourself and switch off. Turn inwards to find out what might be causing you emotional stress and anxiety then work on repairing that for yourself.

3. Be outside in Nature - not the gym, not a workout class, but in nature without any headphones on or looking at a phone. Ground your bare feet on the grass and learn to breathe deeply and with intention to physically calm your nerves.

4. Breathe - focus on your breath at least once a day. Slow, deep inhales through the nose, longer exhale through the mouth.

5. Regulate your Sleep Schedule - Deep, restorative sleep will help your body heal.

6. Sun Exposure - ideally when you first wake up. This regulates your circadian rhythm along with many other benefits.

7. Gut Health - get a microbiome test done to see what the state of your gut is. Our minds and gut are directly linked, so this point has more to do with your stress levels than you might think. Avoid processed foods, alcohol, over the counter pharmaceuticals, hormonal contraceptives, gluten, soy, corn. Use the Radiance Powder for improved digestion and a probiotic hit.

8. Daily Movement - I have written a blog post on the link between muscle mass and acne previously, but low impact workouts for about 30 minutes a day support the body release energy, help with insulin resistance (balance blood sugar levels) and regulate stress hormones.

9. Relationships - Community and the quality of our connections with other people can literally extend (or shorten) your lifespan. Take your relationships seriously, move away from toxic people, allow yourself to be happy and free. Give and receive love. Healthy, supportive, safe relationships will improve your health and life.

10. Rest - not sleep, but rest. Allow your body and mind to take a break and just stop. It is simple, but absolutely necessary.


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