Katie's Review of KLARSKIN

I loved the Starter Pack very much.

The quality and ingredients, in my opinion, are unmatched. It is hard to find supplements of this quality that are effective and these really did not disappoint - I felt great taking them and my skin was amazing. I honestly feel very grateful to have been introduced to Klarskin. 

The powder became a really important moment in my day as it marked the beginning of routine, healthy habits and felt like a really great kick start! And the reforming liquid, well wow, this was my favourite. It tastes great and felt like such a luxury ’tonic’. I would happily take this daily! 


My early career was mainly spent in the world of PR and I found my working ‘home' in financial PR, in the ‘city'. I loved it, we had a huge amount of fun but life was hard and fast and ultimately, it was the beginning of my glorious downfall that brought me to where I am, and what I do, today. 

I fell into this line of work through my own illness following burnout from working long days and very long nights in the city. It was a different world back then and the hours we worked were not sustainable if we wanted any sort of life balance and authentic health.

It is such a cliché but I found yoga as a tool to turn my mind-body health around and it worked!! I then trained to be a yoga teacher, taught full time, went on to mentor ‘teachers in training' until my maternity leave with my second son when I decided to train in nutrition and coaching - I wanted to help others regain balance through lifestyle and nutrition - just as I did. 

Currently, I work within corporate well-being programs running talks, workshops and 1:1 micro clinics and on a 1:1 coaching basis, improving resilience and performance (in all aspects of life!) through shifts in mind health, lifestyle and nutrition. I am a science backed, performance driven kinda girl!

I also run a clinic in Harley Street, with consultant, Dr Abbi Lulsegged, in functional medicine (gut focused medicine). We are currently working on a great project for the NHS treating diabetes through diet and lifestyle - very cutting edge and extremely exciting! 

Excitingly, I am also in the process of setting up new nutrition and lifestyle retreats which we hope to launch early 2023 - watch this space!


My morning routine is getting up around 6:30am to start my day, before the kids start mine! Even five minutes before them makes all the difference to how my day then unravels. 

I have glass of water followed by a cup of my favourite 'tea pigs' green tea and head outside for some barefoot grounding and a few centering breaths to help me feel connected and ready to go!

Typically, I don’t eat until I get back from the school run because gulping down breakfast is a nightmare for our digestive system. When I do get around to eating it tends to be a high protein breakfast.

My self care routine in the mornings is simple yet effective. I get up, have a cold shower (most days!), have some water, get grounding in my garden, take some deep breaths whilst setting intentions and practising gratitude - all of these steps have proven benefits and help set me up for a productive, healthy and happy day.

For me, breath work and short meditation practices (I teach this and work under a Zen monk so this is a non negotiable for me!) are a huge part of helping me to feel my best. Both practices have a huge impact on our nervous system which can alter they way we think, feel and the decisions we make during the day. 

I also am big on a low refined sugar intake as it can impact our mind-body health hugely and managing toxicity - this goes for news, people, products… name it, I’ll monitor/cut it out if I have to! 

The mindfulness I practice tends to be in nature. When I am walking or enjoying my garden I simply connect to my sense and enjoy the sensations that flood my senses through the power of nature - it is a treat! It encourages thoughts to drop away for a second or two and when we practice over and over again we give our brain a workout, encouraging it to drop out and away from our thoughts.

I also practice some form of breath work every single day. It has a powerful impact on our nervous system and has many health benefits. Simply extending our exhalation so that it is longer than the inhalation activates the parasympathetic nervous system, our rest & digest. Its simple, free, effective and can be practiced anywhere! 

The thing to remember is that the brain has plasticity which means that when we practice these positive tools and habits we work to re-wire the brain, it is very cool!

I try and get into bed early, around 9pm. I read or sometimes just relax and watch the trees from my bed - nature is the best TV. I limit screen time because I used to have trouble sleeping so putting away my phone, laptop and TV early helps me to drop off by 10.30pm on most nights. 

Thank you Katie for your feature! For more information please visit the Chelsea Wellness Coach on Instagram here. 

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