It has taken me a while to understand the value you can extract from exercise, since historically I always hated going to the gym.

However after a lot of trial an error, I am here to make the case for building muscle to help clear your acne.


Muscles serve a really important metabolic purpose.They are actually the most important depository for glucose. 

The most important organ in body to regulate glucose is muscle, as it is the storage unit for glucose. Although the pancreas and liver also play an important role, I have only realized how important muscle actually is when it comes to regulating glucose. 

When we have more muscle we have more place to store glucose, and we can store it with less insulin.

As you guys know from my journey with clearing up my adult acne, insulin resistance was a huge issue with regulating my hormones and understanding my 'bad food' cravings. Once I solved my insulin resistance, supported my liver and gut, my acne started to drastically improve month on month. 

Insulin is an important hormone that drives glucose into the muscle. If muscle is resistant to the insulin you can develop insulin resistance. This happens because your body starts to produce more and more insulin to push glucose into the muscle.

When insulin is chronically elevated it drives more fat formation and accumulation, and less fat breakdown, causing excess weight gain.

Fat cells also increase your oestrogen levels which has an impact on your hormones. Oestrogen stored and produced by fat cells affects circulating oestrogen levels.

Excess oestrogen levels not only throw hormones off balance causing breakouts, but are linked to more serious health issues such as fibroids, PCOS and endometriosis pain.

So when glucose is unregulated, either through bad food choices, low muscle mass, hormonal misbalances, it can lead to insulin resistance, and in severe cases type 2 diabetes. 

Ultimately muscles big enough and sensitive enough to bring glucose in will relieve the body of having to create excess insulin.

The fibre content in the Radiance Powder helps with insulin resistance, whilst the diverse B vitamins help with hormone regulation and excess oestrogen excretion too. 

So this is your sign to start lifting weights and improving your muscle mass now. At the end of your life muscle mass becomes a really important factor to quality of life too, so if you won't do it for your skin, do it for your older self.



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