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I’ve always wanted to work in fashion and beauty in some capacity, but I grew up in a very small town and attended college in the Midwest where those opportunities weren’t readily accessible.

I was scouted by one of the largest modeling agencies when I was 14, but I didn’t grow tall enough so that same scout gave me my first internship. 

I’d fly to New York to intern during Fashion Week throughout college, which helped me get my foot in the door.

When I graduated from college I moved to New York without a job, and I knew less than 5 people here. It was really challenging, but taught me to be scrappy. 

From there I worked really hard, interned a lot, and made a commitment to myself that no matter what, I’d stick to my values. It’s been a long and winding road but I feel really lucky to be where I’m at and grateful for each and every opportunity that led me here.

I was absolutely born with a love of fashion and beauty, and have always been very creative.

One of my earliest memories is playing with my mom’s blush. My mom really nurtured these interests, being very artistic herself, by encouraging my siblings and I to use our imaginations. We had a “craft table” in my house growing up where, every day, my mom would sit with us to draw and paint. And I’ve played the piano since I was 6 years old.

So I’ve always had a passion for the arts and I’m lucky I was able to translate these interests into a successful career.


You asked about my beauty routine, and I have to admit that I am big on skincare.

Every morningI cleanse, tone, and moisturize (with serums, creams, and sometimes oils, too). I never skip SPF, either, no matter what season it is.

My nighttime routine is about the same, and I’ll do a chemical exfoliant 2-3x/week and a mask 3-4x/week. I’ve also fallen in love with the MDNA Beauty Roller–it feels like a face workout. In New York, the best facials I’ve had are at Knockout Beauty on the Upper East Side, CAP Beauty, and Tracie Martyn. Heyday is great, too. Otherwise I try to see my dermatologist on a regular basis–Dr. Josh Zeichner. I haven’t gotten into any injectables; I’m still on the fence, but maybe someday. 

As far as brands, I’m all over the place. I try to drink the Radiance Powder every morning first thing when I wake up.

I’ve been using Clinique Clarifying Lotion since 6th grade. For cleansers, I like Drunk Elephant, Fresh, and Tula. For serums, I love The Ordinary, Clarins Double Serum, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, and the Drunk Elephant Vitamin C.

Moisturizers–right now I’m into Augustinus Bader Cream, the La Mer Cool Cream, and the Elizabeth Arden Prevage Cream. And for oils, I’ll do Vintner’s Daughter, CBD glow oil by Herbivore Botanicals, or Supernal.


I’m a big fan of acupuncture, too. I’ll see Juhi Singh in New York as often as I can–she is truly a miracle worker.

Makeup-wise, I usually do mascara, concealer, lip gloss, a little blush, Boy Brow and a little feline flick. I work for Flesh, and I use their products almost exclusively because they are really that good.

 I grew up very active and athletic as a dancer and a basketball player, so exercise has always had a central role in my life and it’s hard for me to sit still for long.

My relationship with it has become complicated given my history with an eating disorder, so I have to be careful.

But I workout a couple of times a week, and try to incorporate some form of movement into my life everyday. I’m working hard to reframe it as an activity for mental health rather than weight loss, and that’s really been quite transformative.

 Lastly regarding your question about the advice I’d give to influencers on social media, the jig, I think, is really up. Most of us know that it is, on many levels, a scripted reality show, and I think there’s going to be a continued shift in the types of content and creators that perform online because of it. 

Young millennials and Gen-Z demand transparency more than any generation that’s come before us, and that is really evident on newer digital platforms such as TikTok. For these reasons, I think it’s in everyone’s best interest to not overthink their content and just post what they want.  It’s easier said than done, but the people I most enjoy following have a sense of what they want to say and convey it in a way that feels fresh and interesting to me.

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