The reality of speaking to customers who suffer from adult acne is that you get to see a lot of damaged skin, and what caused that damage to occur. I would say the most common skincare concern from people with acne prone skin is scarring, inflammation, open pores, blackheads and nutrient deficient skin.

Most of the time, this is caused from an initial small breakout, that is then treated with harsh topical products that strip important layers of sebum, oil and damage the top layer of skin flora and skin barrier.

Along with picking spots that creates redness and scarring, the end result is worse than whose most people usually start off with.

The Radiance Powder was created to solve the underlying root cause of adult acne.

Our new topical range is created to treat the skin's surface.

If you have just started experiencing adult acne, please use our new launches alone, along with the Radiance Powder, without picking skin, for 30 days to begin with.

If you have suffered from adult acne for a while, read on for our explanation as to why a SPF50 organic cold pressed oil is necessary, and will help your skin not only heal faster, but preserve and protect it long term.


Adult acne is different from pubescent acne as it is often associated with an imbalance - be it hormonal, digestive, mental through stress, or even due to a physical irritation on skin's surface. Either way it causes a breakout.

STEP 1 to resolve this is to always identify the root cause of the acne, and then start treatment.

WHILST you are figuring that out, use the Radiance Powder to TREAT and the SPF50 to PREVENT.

Our SPF50 oil protects the sebaceous glands on your skin, which are part of the body's exocrine system, sebum being a vital part of the skin's natural oil.

Removing these natural oils by using drying or stripping skincare not only reduces the build up of oil that may cause acne, but actually ages skin, leaves it more susceptible to scarring, pigmentation, premature wrinkles, sun burn, dryness, the list goes on.

This is the problem with quick fixes when it comes to acne - they often lead to worse long term results. Sebum is a vital component of normal, healthy skin and our SPF50 Oil has been created to protect the healthy sebum production skin needs to flourish topically. 

Sebum is also the body's built-in moisturizer, responsible for locking in hydration. It is integral to the acid mantle, a thin layer of skin barrier that helps neutralize invading pathogens and stabilize the skin's PH levels.

Finally sebum has an antibacterial function, has an anti-inflammatory effect on skin and is essential to the skin's wound healing response.

This is the main reason why we created Glow Screen SPF 50 in oil format. It is a multi-purpose product that nourishes and protects simultaneously and due to cold pressed oil offering a far larger botanical concentration than a moisturizer ever could, you are getting more benefit per drop.

This formula has taken us 2 years to complete, and is the reason we decided to go with an organic cold-pressed oil vs a moisturizer.

When you apply oil based products on oily skin, they can actually  help reduce excess oil production and breakouts better than other topical products can.

Certain oils actually repair the skin barrier and nourish broken skin rather than drying it out.

Oils can also help fight acne, not just prevent it. This has been proven time and time again through research and clinical trials. We have used these results to build GlowScreen into the best SPF for acne prone, damaged skin.

An example of this is how research has shown that low linoleic acid levels actually cause acne. This is the reason we have included a high percentage in our new SPF 50 Oil, along with other incredible ingredients like resveratrol and magnolia bark oil. Check out the shop page here, and let us know the results you see on Instagram and in the review section.


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