Let me start by defining what and who we are as humans, and lead up to why taking something like the Radiance Powder is not just desired, but required for foundational and long-term beauty.

We are Microbes (bacteria, yeast, archaea, parasites, etc). They cover all external and most internal structures on our bodies. We have 39 trillion microbes in our intestines – essentially, we have more microbes in and on us than we have human cells.

Microbes have a purpose and have been around since day 1 of humanity. Humans and their microbes go hand in hand for over 3 million years.

99.5% of our genetic code comes from our Microbiome, and our Microbiome plays an important role in regulating our genes. In fact, it also regulates our digestion, our access to nutrients, our immune system (70% of which lives inside of our gut), metabolism, hormone balance, mood, cognition - basically everything that matters in human health is regulated by our microbial ecosystem.

So when you’re looking to optimising your skin, it’s important to pay attention to your Microbiome and effectively what you’re consuming.

Balance, harmony and biodiversity is important. The good & bad bacteria all live together and they all contribute together in the ecosystem. We want to keep biodiversity because it creates stability within the ecosystem.

So when I was struggling with the worst of my adult acne, why were all the pre & probiotics I was downing daily not helping my skin clear up, why wasn’t my 6 step beauty routine resulting in clear skin and why wasn’t the fortune I was spending on food giving me the results I wanted?

Because I had done 6 rounds of antibiotics a few years earlier from constantly getting tonsilitis.

Because I was working in finance and had a terrible diet (which consisted mainly of expensive on-the-go raw salads and cold smoothies I thought were super healthy and helpful).

Because I was over sterilising my face with a million beauty products and over sterilising my environment because acne made me feel ‘dirty’.

Essentially everything I was doing was affecting my biodiversity negatively, and my insides were weakened to the point where my body couldn't even absorb any of the good I was trying to do either.





We didn’t have all the chemicals and antibiotics in meat and on our plants when our genome was developed. We need to essentially get back to what our microbes know and thrive from. But simply taking a probiotic isn’t going to automatically give you great skin and clear all your acne.


Because there are trillions of bacterial microbes living within your gut, and not one supplement on earth that can replenish, replant and feed all of these substantially.

Supplements can nourish, help rebuild, and draw out good bacteria, but they can’t ‘re-plant’ all of the strains your body needs to function at its best. It’s important to understand that only your own body can do that itself.

We have probiotic bacteria already living inside of us. The reason you are most probably having gut issues is because they are in a weakened state. If you feed these bacteria properly, they will multiply and thrive.

Yes in some cases, bacterial strains have been eradicated and you need to reintroduce diversity artificially. However if you consider yourself well and are looking to have clearer skin, be generally healthier, you can make the trillions of bacterial microbes that already live inside you more robust by feeding them what they need.


Here’s what you need to make that happen, and most of it is free:




🌱Getting away from blue light in the evenings

🌱Getting away from foods that microbes were not exposed to 100 years ago which makes up the majority of our diets today. Start with eating organic and cooked meals.

🌱Lower animal product consumption, as most of the pharmaceuticals on the planet are fed to them.

🌱Rehabilitate the gut with soluble fibres, minerals & diverse bacterial consumption (what we focus on)


Fibre is the preferred food of your trillion gut microbes. The largest gut study to date finds that the single most healthy predictor of a healthy Microbiome is the diversity of the plants within your diet - due to the fibre content. Every plant has its own unique type of fibre that feeds its own type of microbe.

By broadening out the micro diversity within your diets, you are ensuring more species of microbes are being fed.

This is why so many pre + probiotics on the market today did not work for me when I had gut issues, leading to digestive issued, resulting in hormonal issues, leading to ongoing, persistent skin issues.

Our studies of soluble fibres, which led to formulating the Radiance Powder, are based off research done on diabetics and colon cancer patients. Using this research, we found the most relevant diverse bacteria and plant fibres in soluble format so they can actually start the reparative process.

This is why we refer to the Radiance Powder as the ‘foundation to good skin’.  Because we are literally building from the foundation, up, by implanting some diverse bacterial strains back in (but of course nowhere near the trillions you already have) and feeding the trillions you do have to bring them out of a weakened state, and replenishing vital vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the process – all microencapsulated in our formulation to actually reach your colon (the root of where everything needs to be absorbed to be effective).

The average American eats 17g of fibre a day, yet our ancestors were eating 100g or more. We are essentially majorly fibre deficient, and when we are not consuming fibre often our bodies become weakened and cannot effectively absorb or use it.

Reintroduce complex fibres slowly, through foods, and supplements BUT of high enough quality, in soluble format, with the ability to be absorbed even by visceral hypersensitivity.

And do not expect results from just 1 supplement alone. We produce the highest quality products we can to give you the top 10% of what you need. All of the above mentioned factors are required, the most important is exposing your microbes to the highest quality organic food sources you can daily for real, consistent results. Consumer goods and even pharmaceuticals cannot guarantee you clear skin for life, only you can do that through helping yourself.

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