Positive habits for your mind, skin & wellbeing

The beauty of our Wellness Journal is the ability to adapt to your routine, lifestyle, and goals. It is a cleanser for your mind, helping create healthier habits in just 30 days.Our bodies and minds cannot be compartmentalized, which is why looking inside at how we feel, what makes us happy, and what we consume in terms of produce and information is so important. 

What does the E-Journal Download Include?

> Wellness Club Guidelines to live by

> Long term goals & manifestations sample

> Klarskin Product + Ingredient breakdown

> 1 Week Wellness Journal entry


Why Use The Wellness Journal?

Our Wellness Journal is designed to help form lasting positive habits for your skin and wellbeing, tracking your healthy lifestyle goals along the way.

Part 1: Set your goals and manifest 
Structured questions help you set your intentions by outlining your aims and purpose. By putting pen to paper you are making the first step in setting your goals for your future and working towards an enhanced version of yourself daily.

Part 2: Consistency is key  
A variety of daily lifestyle trackers to remind and support you to maintain good habits and create lasting, healthy routines.

Small consistencies lead to big results, and our journal is a vital tool in leading you to become the best version of the person you already are. 

Read a letter from the founder about how and why the journal has helped with her skin health and mindset by clicking the button below.


The Daily Journal Sections

> Daily AM and PM routine tracker for skincare products to identify what is working, and what might not be. This area includes a section to help keep track of which KLARSKIN products you may be using.

> The daily tracker can also be used to undergo an elimination diet or identify foods that cause breakouts.

> Daily section to write your thoughts and gratitude check for each day. Reading back on these can help you reflect on past thoughts and make positive changes going forward.

> Icon area to help keep track of your skin, sleep, exercise, digital usage, and period cycles.


Free E-Journal Download Sample

Download a short version of our Wellness Journal to get your skin and lifestyle goals on track!

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