Detox Flush

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Detox Flush targets the entire gastrointestinal tract with medical grade minerals and clearing botanicals to optimise the elimination of waste products from the body. 
This full Intestinal Detox clears the gastrointestinal tract (GI), helps remove toxin and heavy metal build up from the body, and clears the gut of parasitic bacteria.
The result is microbial balance and intestinal ecology. 

You should start here if you need to detox anything from:

Excess alcohol consumption
The contraceptive pill
 Other pharmaceutical drugs 
Preservative filled foods 
Heavy metals
Bacterial or viral infection
General waste build up that has happened over time

The ingredients within support your body in a complete reset.
After completing the Detox Flush protocol for 3 months, your body will have optimised elimination pathways, flushed away excess debris, artificial hormones, parasitic and bad bacteria.

Medical Grade Ingredients + Active Volcanic Minerals

Relieves the Liver and GI tract by binding mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminium, ammonium, histamine

Absolutely NO stabilizers or preservatives

Formulated by Doctors from the University of Oxford & Universität Münster

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