Liver Health and Acne

Why Acne Actually Starts In The Liver

By: Antoneta Bursac, Founder of KLARSKIN


With ‘gut health’ currently getting a lot of attention when it comes to skin, it’s important to highlight where the root cause of your adult acne may actually lie. Here’s a quick breakdown of how and why your liver health can drastically alter the look and feel of your skin.

When formulating our skincare range to get to the root cause of adult acne, a lot of our research focused around the liver and how the toxic build up is infecting our gut and leading to adult acne. Here is a breakdown of certain factors you want to be aware of when getting to the root cause of acne.


Premature aging, dehydration, skin discoloration, dullness, loss in elasticity and early wrinkle formation are all complaints strongly linked to adult acne. 

When it comes to rejuvenation and your body’s ability to filter toxins, we need to look closer at the liver and the role it plays in skin preservation and quality. 

When the liver starts to slowly lose its various chemical functions, the signs become immediately evident on our skin. These chemical functions play a large role in the ability to detoxify and filter our blood. So what factors affect the liver’s function?

Some external factors that are important to note are access to mineral rich drinking water, pollution in the cities we live in, food quality, stress, sun exposure – however antibiotics and the formation of Streptococcus (Strep) within the liver are not discussed widely enough, so this is what we want to highlight here.

Strep is a form of ‘bad bacteria’ that feeds off antibiotics, chemicals from GMO grown food, heavy metals, and chemically synthesized medicines given to us even as children. If you are dealing with adult acne and have a history of taking antibiotics in the past, this may be the root case. 

In my case, I took penicillin 6 times in 2 years for my tonsillitis, only to have my adult acne flare up years later, and it has taken me a long time to not only realise the link but work to rid by body of the antibiotics stored in my liver – because as we know antibiotics do not disappear from our system once we finish taking them, but stick around acting as food for Strep and become stored in our liver’s filtration system. Strep is known to be stored in the dermis and comes out in the form of acne when our immune system is weakened – which for women is unfortunately twice a month every month - during ovulation (mid cycle) and around the actual menstrual period.


The intestinal tract plays a strong role in the look and feel of skin, however the process starts with the liver. 

If the liver becomes stagnant, the body cannot move toxins to your intestinal tract and colon to efficiently eliminate – this leads to toxins moving back up into the lymphatic system and reversing back into the bloodstream. With toxins backing up and the intestines not working well the body will try to eliminate through the bloodstream, into the kidneys and out through your urine. 

However this is where sensitivities start to occur, and food allergies can often be a sign of something not running smoothly. This is why toxins often find their way up to the skin and get trapped there – causing flare ups and break outs. After all, helping you rid yourself of toxins is one of your skin’s main functions.

When the liver is in good working function, toxins can find their way to your small intestine and colon and flush out relatively easily. This is why gut health is so important, for the elimination process to work properly. However if you are not looking after your liver, the gut cannot do its job either.


start with the liver, whose job is to collect and keep thousands of irritants your body may be exposed to in check. The body is exposed to toxin substances such as chemicals from mass farmed foods you eat, the adrenaline you produce from stress, drugs and antibiotics you ingest, even pollutants, weed sprays, and heavy metal exposure. All of these factors create pathogens which find their way to the liver and release waste into the blood stream such as derma toxins, neurotoxins and by-product.

When your system is overwhelmed with this toxin exposure, you may develop a sensitive central nervous system where toxins that the liver cannot neutralize eventually turn into sensitivities or allergies.


Knowledge is power – be aware of the importance of your liver and consume foods that aid in the elimination of toxin build up and waste. Here is our checklist, and what personally helped me start to move years of waste build up. These are the basic first steps to be aware of in order to get rid of your acne for good:


Our diet and exercise are the number one most important factors = Diet helps restore and rejuvenate whilst exercise helps flush out toxins. Adding more fruit and leafy greens to a fat and meat heavy diet allows the liver to slow down and can even reverse the ageing process.

Water quality and consumption is a huge factor which helps not only with dehydration but the elimination of waste.

3 Compounds that are important to note within our diets are antioxidants, amino acids and glucose (from fruits).

The largest anti-aging function our bodies have comes from the liver’s ability to extract the antioxidants from fruit, bond it with amino acids stored to create phytochemical compounds. When these phytochemical compounds are released into the blood they stop healthy cells from dying.


Exercise is a huge factor in helping flush out toxins, increasing circulation, sweating and helps the lymphatic system to move so waste can move.


Taking time off and calming your mind in whatever way you can, be it meditating, reading, walking, brings down adrenaline in turn relieves the liver of having to deal with this hormone, and helps with premature ageing and flare ups.


The quality and potency of the supplements you are taking is vital in helping to move waste, build up antioxidant and amino acid exposure and increase the nutrient and mineral content of your diet. This is why we advise all users to start with the Radiance Powder as it is the foundation upon which good skin is built upon – however if you are not following steps 1-3 no supplement in the world can help much – no matter the quality or potency. All supplements are to be treated as the top 15% of your skincare routine (with skincare the top 5%), with the majority of focus and emphasis being placed on mentality, exercise and diet. 


If after addressing these factors you wish to start supplementing, make sure what you are ingesting is sourced from plants and not synthesized chemicals, is not grown using GMOs, chemicals, antibiotics or preservatives and is sourced from certified dealers (check out our Radiance Powder). Not all supplements are the same, have the same potency or source the highest quality materials so do your research. 

Another important fact to remember is that liquid supplements are absorbed at a rate of 90% by the body, compared to capsules or solid form supplements that have an absorption rate of 35%. How a supplement is formulated also has a lot to do with how much of it is affecting your body positively and is being effectively absorbed. Do your research and ensure you chose a high quality source of any supplement you are ingesting, as this can make all the difference.


Finally, your immune system plays a huge role in skin quality and preventing acne and premature aging. The lymphatic immune system is where strep moves though, and if you feed this system with vitamin and mineral rich food it can fend off and eliminate strep and pathogens. Look after your immune system and watch how your skin becomes more stable and clear in each passing month – especially for women experiencing fluctuations in their skin from their menstrual cycles!

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All information and experience is based on Antoneta’s medical family explanations along with her own experiences with adult acne and antibiotic usage.

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