Ali Bracher's Wedding Wellness Routine

Ali Bracher is Blok’s Marketing Manager and Head Trainer. BLOK is an award-winning fitness studio from the UK that has created an exciting and sustainable way to work out. We at Klarskin have been using Blok TV’s online workouts to stay in shape. When Ali got married a few months ago, she was glowing from the inside out, which is why we decided to ask her a few questions about her wedding wellness & skincare routine.


I love working out and do so all year round, so not a huge amount changed before the wedding. I love to train across all sorts of disciplines, so my weeks leading up to the wedding would include going for a couple of runs, pilates, and yoga at BLOK, strength training, and, if there was time, the odd swim! I know what makes me feel good, so I made sure I did this in the lead-up. 


I went for a few Facegym facials six months before the wedding. When I first got engaged, I had big plans, but in reality, weddings are expensive, which is why Klarskin was so great, knowing it would help clear my skin from the inside out. Fortunately, I've never experienced bad skin, but the stress and anxiety leading up took their toll, and the Radiance powder kept a natural glow! 



My daily skin routine includes the following routine: washing my face with cold water first thing in the morning and after working out, I used an Ole Henriksen face wash followed by a vitamin C serum. I’d then apply a trusty SPF 30 moisturizer.

 In the evenings, I'd remove any makeup from the day and use 0.5% retinol and a thicker moisturizer. The last thing I would do is drink the Klarskin Radiance Powder. It was quite a low-maintenance routine. I didn't want to get sucked into applying loads of new products and potentially upset my skin. 

I used a Medik8 Vitamin C serum followed by Kiehls SPF30 moisturizer - I've been using this for years and swear by it! In the evening, I also used Medik8 retinol and a Drunk Elephant moisturizer. 


My advice for someone's wedding day is to forget about everything and genuinely enjoy it, the hard work is done, and even if something goes wrong, everyone will have an amazing time. To feel your best, make sure you have time for yourself in the morning because as soon as you arrive, you'll be talking to people all day long, so do whatever you need to do to feel good. 

I went for a run and jumped in the sea and it was definitely a highlight of my day. 

Don't forget that everyone is rooting for you and will think you look incredible, even if you don't feel your best!


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