Perri Rothenberg's Wedding Wellness Routine

Perri Rothenberg is Klarskin's Marketing Manager & Creative Director. When she tied the knot in Naples, Florida this past March we knew we would want to know all of her secrets leading up to her wedding day. When Vogue Scandinavia asked her about their wedding she explained the following, “We wanted to achieve a tropical, colorful Florida feeling without forgetting the place we call home, Sweden. Clean lines, soft colors yet timeless and romantic,” says newlywed Perri Rothenberg of her big day.


 Photo credit: Austin Trenholm

Below you can learn all of her skincare & wellness routines leading up to her wedding day: 

Q: Can you tell me a bit about your routine leading up to the wedding: what did you eat, what exercise did you do, what self-care did you partake in

Perri on her routine: My routine leading up to the wedding was similar to my everyday routine. However, I noticed that with each day inching closer to the big day, I felt better and better in my body. I felt this came naturally, as I was eating clean, exercising regularly, and treating my body well. 

Food & Drinks: I ate intuitively and fed my body with healthy greens, fruits that were in season, 80% veggies, and 20% protein (of course, I love an occasional ice cream cone on the weekend). I do not drink alcohol so often. In fact, I only had 2-3 drinks during our entire wedding weekend. 

Photo credit: Austin Trenholm

The most vital aspect of my everyday diet is ensuring my body gets the proper nutrients and vitamins it needs in the long run, not a short-term fix to look a certain way for a few days. On the weekends I make sure to buy fruits and veggies for the week at the local farmers market, and I try to eat as local as possible. 

Perri on her workout regime: I use Classpass (try it for free here), which allows me to train at a variety of studios around the world. When in Sweden, I love going to Barry's Bootcamp & The Place Stockholm, a megaformer studio. 

In Naples, I swear by Pure Skill Fitness. My body craves going, which is one of the workouts I miss the most when living in Sweden. I also did hot yoga 1-2 times per week to relax my mind and, of course, Pilates in my spare time. 

I also need to do something outside daily, whether cross-country skiing in Sweden or walking on the beach barefoot in Florida. Regardless, one to two hours of being outdoors are vital for my mood and wellbeing. 

Question: Did you have any professional treatments done before the big day?

I do not usually get too many professional treatments done, but I do love to get a Hydra-facial every now and again. I got one three months before, six weeks before & seven days before our wedding day. I suggest you try out any professional treatments well in advance to ensure your body reacts positively to the products used.  

Photo credit: Austin Trenholm


Question: Can you add in how you incorporated the starter pack into your routine leading up to the wedding and why it helped?

The Klarskin Starter Pack is a key part of my everyday routine. I used the Klarskin Radiance Powderaround two months before our wedding day. I knew it would help keep my skin and digestion at bay with all of the stress around me during that time. 

The Reforming Liquid is my go-to daily liquid supplement to ensure my body has the extra vitamins to keep my body hydrated after all of my sweaty workouts. 

The Universal Serum is my everyday Serum before moisturizing. I love that it only uses five concentrated and active ingredients. I have noticed my skin is calmer and noticeably clearer when used regularly. 

Photo credit: Austin Trenholm


Bride: @perrirothenberg
Photographer: @trenholmphoto
Wedding Planner: @jetsetwed
Hair & Makeup: @dualityartistry

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