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I grew up on a farm in Oxfordshire and animals were my passion from the get-go.  I had ponies and spent a lot of time outside, in fact I remember very little about being indoors throughout my childhood.  I also danced and acted from a very young age, I remember I would wear my ballet shoes underneath my wellies as I rushed from muddy fields and freedom to a strict, perfectionist ballet teacher.  Acting was a natural evolution and escapism from my own internal dialogue and personal struggles and I took this passion to Italy where I trained as an actress in Rome, guided by my dream of performing Shakespeare in Italian.  

I found Yoga and mindfulness in my teens and my Yoga mat also accompanied me to Italy in my early twenties.  Upon returning to the UK, I trained as a Yoga teacher, whilst continuing my acting and this is still my multi-dimentional life, alongside nurturing my two little boys.

I founded my yoga and meditation online space the Intuitive Soul Sanctuary in March 2020, I will never forget it as I was desperate to be able to reach out to my students at any time on any time zone.  I knew that the pandemic was causing another underground ‘mental health’ pandemic and above everything, I wanted to reach out to my community.  This is another reason why I keep the membership cost low and under my ‘Hope for Mental Health campaign’, offer spaces on a ‘dana’ donation option for those going through hardship or long covid for example.  People can also sponsor and support anonymously any amount they wish, that will enable me to support more grateful individuals on their mental health journey too.


My morning routine is normally very early, anything between 4-6am and if I wake up before my little ones for work then this is a very mindful silent start.  I always wash and cleanse my face, both morning and night, it’s one of the few moments for me that I’ve held close too despite my busy schedule.  I begin each morning with a hot lemon and have been doing this since my early twenties.  I love self facial massage and my skin is particularly dry so I like to put a lovely nourishing oil on am and pm.  Breakfast wise, I normally have porridge or granola, almond butter and dates between 10/11am.

Breathwork, self massage and ‘me’ time are a must for me each day.  I like my own space and even if that is just 60 seconds alone in my bedroom to breathe consciously, it helps me cope with the high energy that surrounds me.

I use a very natural cleanser and by this I mean that quite often it’s honey.  I have quite sensitive skin and I dislike cleansers that foam up my face and leave it feeling tight.

I spray rose toner on after cleaning and whilst this is absorbing I use three pumps of serum (currently Klarskin) which I absolutely love.  I follow this by a natural moisturiser and facial oil.

I was so surprised by the effectiveness of the Radiance Powder! Not least for the emotional side, but certainly any bloating and discomfort seemed to evaporate.  Interesting my family all got very sick and I did my best to stay well and I am sure that the radiance powder contributed to this.

I wind down by lying down and that might be on my Yoga mat or simply on my bed or carpet, just a few minutes to decompress and stretch out.  I follow this by a short face and scalp massage.  I go to bed anytime between 10-12pm, I write down or say out loud a ‘ thank you’ for what I am grateful for and normally fall asleep listening to a meditation, (this also helps when I am woken in the night by the children and then struggle to get back to sleep).   


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