REVIEW: 30 Days with the Radiance Powder


Caroline McLean, founder of the clinic,Skinology located in Glasgow (who is a Radiance Powder user herself) creates personalised treatment plans for adult acne.

Her client’s journey to achieving clear skin is detailed by both Caroline (Therapist) and Nicola (client) below. Nicola's story and history with acne is below, along with her before and after pictures from using the Radiance Powder for 30 days.



From the Client's side:
Nicola’s Skin Story and Experience with Adult Acne

My acne and redness first stared when I was about 18. I had lots of hormonal cysts on my chin and redness on my cheeks and nose. 

I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS which I believe has had an affect on my adult acne. When I first started to get acne and redness I was coming to the end of my first couple years on the contraceptive implant. I really blame contraception for messing with my hormones. I have struggled with breakouts and redness for 10 years now.

I used the Radiance Powder for the recommended month and started to have a more regular digestive system after a couple of weeks. By the time I came to the end of the Radiance Powder jar I started to have more energy, and my redness had majorly died down (as you can see from the pictures).

I also added in omega 3s and stripped back my skincare. I cut out dairy and focussed on whole foods which alongside the Radiance Powder use had a profound affect.

I will continue with the use of the Radiance Powder and the Starter Pack.

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