Written and Experienced by Nina Eagle


I first struggled with bad skin around the age of 14, but those were mainly normal breakouts from puberty, nothing too extreme, big or painful. My skin cleared up really fast after taking the pill which was around the age of 17. I stopped taking the pill after about 3 years, had small breakouts but nothing really bad. I then started to struggle from real acne at the age of 23.

After the first lockdown in April 2020 my skin started reacting really badly (you can see the photos below).

My breakouts were mostly around my chin and on my cheeks which makes me think it might have been caused by wearing a mask for up to 12h a day. 

Due to this I was always on the hunt for "the perfect product" which made me buy and try a lot of different things. 

One of my friends told me to only use the same products for 3 months straight and to cut out all the different masks and treatments I was doing, and see what happens.

That really helped me to see what works best for my skin. After some trial and error, I found what really works for me. For cleanser I use the Oskia Cleansing Gel and Bioderma Micellar Water, La Roche Posey Zero Zinc, Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Toner, Klarskin Universal Serum, Kiels Ultra Facial Cream. I haven't really changed anything else as I already ate mostly plant based. 

One of my colleagues recommended the Radiance Powder after we spoke about how radically my skin had changed after having to wear a mask all day. At that stage my breakouts were super inflamed and painful.

I probably started to see a difference after about 7- 10 days of taking the Radiance Powder. The taste doesn't bother me at all, which surprised me because I am usually quite fussy with things I have to drink first thing in the morning. I just try to drink it super fast so the consistency doesn't get too thick. I am on my third bottle now, I could probably have done with two but I am not the kind of person who has the best routine and sometimes I forgot to take it over several days. The Radiance Powder is also the best product for my gut health so far, I have already tried a few different drinks and caps but never felt such a difference which is why I keep using it. 






Personally, my acne didn't have a huge impact on my self confidence or mental health, which was probably because I was able to hide everything under my mask. As I don't usually wear much make up and only wear foundation in winter or on special occasions the biggest change and inconvenience I felt was probably the fact that I started to put foundation on every day whilst my skin was reacting badly. 

In terms of advice I would give to others going through something similar, the best change I made was sticking to the same skincare routine without trying too many different products. Be patient. 

Use at least one product with Zinc, such as La Roche Posey Zerozinc or the Klarskin Serum. It really helped me against the inflamed breakouts and painful spots. And my most important piece of advice would probably be to try the Radiance Powder and see if it helps you the way it helped me clear up my skin. 

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