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I took a completely unconventional route in my career and ended up where I wanted to be without any strategy so it’s hard for me to think about the future in terms of having a strict plan.

Now I’m signed with Premier I feel my business has cranked up a gear and I’m a little more strategic which is good. I want to grow my following, diversify my content slightly (still keeping beauty as the focus) and work on bigger campaigns as opposed to little jobs. 

I was always good at English, I worked very hard at school. I was however bottom of the social hierarchy until about 6th form! 

I almost studied English at university but felt it could be a little too intensely academic so I swayed towards Fashion Promotion and Communication at Nottingham Trent. It was a really great course, and for my dissertation I created a print magazine titled Bambi - that’s where it all began.

I’m pretty new to the beauty industry!

I studied Fashion and as soon as I graduated I realised I didn’t want to work in it. As I got older my interests evolved more onto the beauty side of things, and I really don’t know why.

After 5 years in London I moved home in 2016, I lost 2 stone and had this new found confidence. I started to share videos on youtube (sharing only with facebook friends!). It was a hobby that I was getting great feedback from - a really satisfying thing when you’re unemployed! Alongside that I loved writing, I always have. So I’d do blog posts too on my site - that all changed when I got into Instagram though.

I definitely don’t have strict morning routine(although I’d probably benefit from one!).

Because I work for myself I take full advantage of not having an alarm set, I like to lie in until about 11am. It takes me ages to get ready, and that is even without wearing makeup! My shower routine is about 30mins. My hair is so thick it takes about 20mins to dry, and then I do my body lotions, and skincare routine (which depends on how well behaved my skin is on the day).

My skincare routine always starts with a cleansing balm, I have skin on the drier side so I love the feel these leave on my skin. I usually use my “active” products in the evening so mornings are more about hydration. I’ll go in with a few layers of different serums and follow with a moisturiser. Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple. 

My day to day life really depends on what I have got going on job wise.

I’ll dedicate a day to one project (I’m not a great multitasker!) so if I have a few jobs for brands due I will make sure to prioritise those. I produce my content from my room, I have the best ring light ever which really comes in handy in the dark winter months. If I’m on top of my content I’ll go to my local coffee shop, my best friend works there so it’s like a second home. I work so much better out the house - I’ll knuckle down and bash out my column for Glamour or catch up on emails. 

My town is very small and has nothing for me in it really - I just really love living with my mum. She’s my best friend and is kind of my consultant for Bambi Does Beauty. I’m also in London once a week, I love London so much. I just don’t want to live there right now. I enjoy best of both worlds.

I see my mum and my agent Lucy Pilz at Premier as my mentors. Both help me in different ways. Lucy is an absolute ninja when it comes to negotiating and she knows everyone in the industry - I feel like she’s the Kris Jenner of London, everyone wants to be under her management. 

My mum helps me more on the day to day stuff - she’ll help me choose the content I’m going to put up and the direction to go in. I feel like they both ‘guide’ me rather than teach me. I’m not very good at being told what to do! But I’m the type that needs to be given direction, I have a good setup with them both :) 


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