Klarskin x Minel Yildiz


Model with ModelWerk | Wilhelmina | MikasStockholm | DT ModelMgmt

Im 22, was born in Germany but my parents are originally from Turkey. I was always skinny through my teens, and my mum suggested modelling but I always thought I was too shy and genuinely didn’t like being the centre of attention or in the limelight.

I really didn’t see it being something for me, but when I turned 20 we went to an agency in Hamburg (which is now my mother agency - ModelWerk) and it all went from there.

Once I was signed everything moved forward really fast - I had my first 2 jobs the same week I applied to be a model so it took some getting used to, but everyone at the agency has been so nice and supportive, they have my back and I really feel comfortable there.

I love it now - meeting new people, travelling, being able to afford things I’m passionate about. Live concerts is what I gravitate to, and spend most of my money on. I am really into music and like to see the artist Im passionate about. Its the best 2 hours of my life every time!

My skincare routine is pretty basic apart from my natural rose water from Turkey. Its the purest Rose water I’ve tried and my whole family uses it. I have the Universal Serum now as a serum and use Argan Oilwhen my skin gets dry. Gentle and simple ingredients work best for me personally.
In terms of make up, I love the Too Faced concealer and Becca Cosmetics.

Im really spontaneous and cant say I’ve planned or thought about where I’ll end up, but I see myself in Germany where my family and friends are. You never know though!


Thank you Minel! For more information please visit @minel.yi on Instagram.

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