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When I was 14 I decided that I wanted to finish school. I went into a traineeship and worked instead, and after about 3 years it was clear that it just wasn’t for me. I hated the 9-5 job vibe in a big company - so I left Germany when I was 19 and didn’t really come back until this year.

In 2014 I moved to London and honestly I didn’t know what I was doing or going to do.

A person who was close to me at that time pushed me to apply to a few model agencies, because he thought I had potential. 

Growing up I never dreamed or thought of being a model, and the fact that I was 1,64cm tall didn’t fill me with much belief. It wasn’t until I met with several agencies and they all wanted to sign me that I started seeing myself in that way - It all just happened and I’m glad it did.

My first job was with ASOS in London and it really all went from there! 

I started off shooting for a lot of Ecom brands in the UK, then got more editorial jobs and shot some campaigns and look-books - so I guess its going well haha.

For the future I hope to inspire more “petite” girls to not give up their dreams of modelling. I want to continue to grow with my work and personally, and am also working on a passion project, but it’s way too soon to talk about that.
I learn and grow constantly - being in this industry has taught me a lot of things. Ive become more confident, I socialise more, I’ve learned a lot about myself and whats important and not. 

In terms of a beauty routine, I believe less is more.

I wash my face every night and every morning using products from Dermaviduals. After cleaning, I use the Universal Serum, and follow up with my daily Moisturiser also from Dermaviduals. To refresh my face I use a Cucumber Tonic Spray (Dermaviduals). I’m also a huge facial oil fan. I either use pure Jojoba Oil, but currently am using the Rose Facial Hydrate Oil from Sensatia Botanicals. 

The Universal Serum really is a product I don’t wanna miss in my daily routine anymore. It helped my skin stay clear, prevents breakouts and makes breakouts go away faster. It keeps my skin in balance.

I do get facials, when I go back to my hometown, one of my closest friends has her own Cosmetic Studio in South Germany (IG: @beauteconceptlandau), she’s been looking after my skin for years!

I also use the pink Powder supplement and think the ingredients are incredible, a lot of vitamins and nutrients you need in your body which you don’t usually absorb through food or liquids. So basically it helps my skin from the inside and gives me a health boost.

My Mum is my biggest inspiration, and I’ve always looked up to her. She’s always there and supports me in all my decisions, she’s my best friend. Also the rest of my family and my close friends play a big role, they always encourage me and are there for me no matter what. 

Knowing that I have people around me who love me unconditionally helps me focus on what I’m doing. I don’t have one particular person who mentors me, I guess all my travelling and meeting so many interesting people, taking the decisions I’m taking, always going with my intuition…thats what lead me to where I am today.

I try to go to the gym sometimes, but I mostly work out at home. Doing simple body workouts which I normally get online - I really love the ones from @pamela_rf on youtube ! I do some yoga now and then and I wanna try boxing. But if I’m being honest here, I’m often lazy, 2019 - I gotta push myself more !!!!

I’m lucky I've never really has bad experiences but I’ve learned a lot from my work : Never try to please anyone, especially if you’re feeling uncomfortable. Always go with your intuition and trust it. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. I always try to be transparent and to the point with everyone.

I like that I get to travel a lot and get to work with incredibly talented people. I can be creative and every new job is a new challenge, often I discover new sides on me, which is quite interesting and exciting. 

The only thing I dislike sometimes is the pressure I put on myself from time to time.

So the advise I have for all of you out there reading this -

You do not need to look like someone else - you are perfect the way you are. 

Be determined and try to achieve your personal goals. 

BE YOURSELF - don’t let anyone dim your light or try to change you. 

And stay strong - there will be up and downs and thats totally ok- keep going!

Thank you Anne! For more information please visit @annihaase on Instagram.

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