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I’ve been creating content for brands on Instagram, as well as studying for a degree in Global Communication Management for the past few years.

Instagram happened very organically. I only share products or brands that align with my values and with what I believe in, so that has definitely helped me build trustworthy messages and develop a style of my own.



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I also co-founded a swimwear brand over a year and a half ago. As I grew up next to the ocean and the Mediterranean sea in Mallorca, the sea has always played a very important role in my life.

Creating a Mediterranean-inspired swimwear line seemed just right for me. I am deeply invested in sustainability, and as we couldn’t find a brand that united such strong ethical values in our summer attires, we decided to start our own. 

Düa is environmentally friendly, both by sourcing the right fabrics and processes but also by choosing styles and colours that can be worn throughout the summer, not just based on what is trendy every season. This is why we chose to go for colors that matched the Mediterranean palette, and second-skin styles that could last for a long time!

We were now supposed to launch our second collection, but because of the virus, our atelier is shut down —we craft locally, which requires multiple employees working on each piece, so the production isn’t compatible with social distancing. But I hope we can still launch our new products by the end of next month.


IG @maria.calvet

IG @maria.calvet


I have always loved entrepreneurship.

My biggest inspiration is first and foremost myself —I do not see me working for anyone but myself in the long-term, so, to make that possible, I have to keep pushing! I find strength in reminding myself of everything I’ve accomplished up until now, and everything I am proud of.

Perhaps inspiration isn’t something we find, but something we build up over time.On a personal front, my mum and dad have always made sure to exhaustively teach me to be the best I can be. My sister is also a great reminder that we must make the most out of our time on Earth, so she is obviously a massive source of inspiration for me. 


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I always try listening to my body and do what feels best according to my mood.

I wake up quite early, go for a walk if I have the time (I have a wonderful park just next to my house so that is a plus) and cook a good and filling breakfast. I make sure to drink heaps of water, and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. I’ve been vegetarian for quite a while now, and I feel like such diet does wonders for my health. But I’m not strict on cravings! I have quite a sweet-tooth so I make sure to have some of that whenever I feel like it.

In terms of exercise, I have been working out everyday since the quarantine started, and it is making me feel particularly strong. I hope to continue being constant once this situation is over! I also try to switch it up and vary the intensity of the workout depending on what I’m feeling like that day, but I’ve been loving getting some movement in either with dances, pilates flows, or sculpts. My favourite workouts are the ones from the Sculpt Society — Megan Roup's energy is everything!


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I’ve been recently trying to cut back on products and keeping it quite simple —that is why I’m loving Klarskin so much! I am now on my third week using theRadiance Powder. I take it first thing in the morning, and use the 15 minutes in between to maybe meditate, arrange my room, or get dressed. 

I’ve incorporated the Universal Serum both in the morning and night-time, and I feel like it works great for my complexion. I haven’t been wearing any makeup these days at home, but I make sure to cleanse and wash my skin with the Cerave Cleanser, moisturize using Nuxe Aquabella's lotion, and exfoliate once a week with a mud mask. I also love Caudalie Beauty Elixir for in between the day.


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I feel like I’ve got a couple of safe-places I go to whenever I am feeling overwhelmed. I specially love going to the countryside and being surrounded by nature.

I also ski —it challenges and pushes me while being surrounded by the most beautiful sceneries. It really puts me in perspective whenever things aren’t working the way I want them to be.

However, since I cannot really do that doing quarantine, I’ve been trying to paint a lot, and I am enjoying it very much! I’ll spend a couple of hours every afternoon and time literally flies by. That, and good music, are really being life-savers! 


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Thank you Maria for taking the time to talk to us

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