Why some probiotics work, and others don't





The gut microbiome is lined with trillions of bacterial organisms.

The healthy bacteria that lines our complete digestive tract, intestines, colon, are vital in keeping out or overpowering pathogens (bad bacteria), breaking down proteins in food and absorbing vital nutrients and minerals from our diets.

It is an important part of our bodies for health and vitality reasons, but also strongly affects the long term look, feel and bounce of skin, hair, nails and overall physique.

I took penicillin in my early 20s for several bouts of tonsillitis which then lead my skin to start breaking out with acne, which I tried to fight with antibiotics, facials, skincare, diet and exercise for close to 2 years before my family stepped in with the early Radiance Powder formulation (to avoid me taking accutane).

You can read more about my adult acne story and what the ultimate root cause was here, and how I finally healed my skin and body from within.

The problem with a lot of ‘skin supplements’ and probiotics sold on the market today is how they are formulated, their absorption capabilities and if the raw materials and ingredients are able to withstand our stomach acid(1-3 on the PH scale). After all our Stomach Acid is there to make sure pathogens and bad bacteria do not survive to reach and overpopulate the intestinal tract.

If the probiotics or supplements you are taking are not micro encapsulated in any way, most of those ingredients will be dissolved and broken down by your stomach acid. In order for the bacteria to get where it needs to go it needs to withstand stomach acid, reach the intestinal tract and have enough potency to also proliferate in the colon and large intestine(where the most beneficial bacteria actually lives and where your bacterial supplement will have the biggest effect) it needs to be properly microencapsulated (and in some cases twice).

Prebiotics are also extremely important, as they are the reason why the probiotics grow. If you have a probiotic without a prebiotic, there is not much point in taking it. Prebiotics are fibres (soluble fibres are the most beneficial) that ensures the growth of the probiotics. Our diets should also contain enough fibre in order to spark the bacterial growth within our microbiome - but again if your gut lining is destroyed like it was in my case, you won’t have anything to actually feed. Which is why especially for acne sufferers supplementing with both is so important.

Bacterial strains are another factor that should be included in a good Pre and Pro-biotic supplement. In our gut there are hundreds of different species (it is impossible to have this many strains in a single supplement) but a diverse variety is essential.

Every single person has a different body and we all have different balances of these different bacterias. We do not know which strains are going to be deficient in some people, so a wide variety is key for your microbiome to ‘grab’ what it needs in order to grow and benefit from that particular missing strain. The overpowering strains in your body completely depend on your diet, lifestyle and location of where you actually live.

Another factor to consider is the CFU or bacterial count. If you are a first time probiotic user, there are studies that show a too high bacterial count can overwhelm the microbiome to the point where it simply rejects the supplement and excretes it. The correct bacterial count is important and should work in harmony with your gut and microbiome to not overwhelm the body with it’s potency or strength.

All of these factors were considered when formulating the Radiance Powder and is why it is so beneficial for different people, diets and locations. It is a diverse formulation which contains a number of complex raw materials (apart from the ones spoken about above).

The other ingredients within are included to address nutrient breakdown in food, absorption, and common vitamin and mineral deficiencies we have as a generation due to changes in mass farming practices, agriculture and lifestyles.

For more information please visit the Radiance Powder product page, or email with specific questions about how to include the Radiance Powder into your daily routine.

Our whole team uses the Powder as a base product to not only help with gut, digestive and colon health, but increase nutrient absorption properties from food and other supplements they take, including the Reforming Liquid. This is also why we suggest taking the Powder before the Liquid to get more out of the product!

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