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My parents worked in the modelling industry, so I’ve been modelling since a young age and continued to do so as I was growing up.

I’m currently 18 and living in Amsterdam. I love school but don’t necessarily feel the need to study right now. I’m really excited to see where my career takes me and am grateful to have the time to focus on developing and

growing with modelling.

I like to wake up pretty early.

The first thing I do every morning is meditate for 5-20 minutes. It depends on how much time I have. Usually I then fill up my huge bottle of water (it’s 1 liter) and make coffee. I try to finish at least half of the bottle before I start  my coffee. 

I plan my day the night before when I go to bed, so in the morning I drink my coffee, read my emails, look at my to do list and try to finish at least one thing even if it’s something small like sending an email. 

I then check my phone. During summer this would be the time I would usually go to the gym, but now that it is so cold outside I find it a little bit harder. I try to workout a lot still. I like walking a lot, it helps balance your hormones. And in the gym I like to do sprints and a lot of body weight, high intensity and Pilates like exercises.

I have been scouted a few times, but have also always been proactive in seeking and creating my own opportunities and reaching out to photographers, agencies, etc.

The good thing about modelling is it gives you time to focus on your own aspirations and learning through experience and initiative.

However in the future I would still like to go to university, but I’m also very much someone who likes to do everything on their own, and I rely on myself – so lets see where that takes me!


For now I really like how modelling allows me to express myself in different ways.

I love to work a lot and consider myself to be a business woman, but most of the time I hope that I can somehow inspire people to be true to themselves, believe in themselves and to always chase their goals and what they want out of life, even if no one agrees with you.

I think discipline and willpower are very important and I am big about going exactly after what I want even if it’s a bit unconventional. Besides modelling I am very into art, journalism, history and fashion so I would love to incorporate these aspects into my life also.


Skincare wise I make sure to drink A LOT of water and I try to eat pretty clean. 

 I truly believe that what you put inside of your bodyreflects in your skin, nails and hair. That’s why I’m a fan of the Reforming Liquid. I make sure I moisturize and wash my face, and am a huge fan of dry brushing and jade rolling and I try to do it daily.  

Make-up wiseI like using a tinted lip balm that I also use as a blush, because I tend to look a bit pale. However my favorite makeup product to use is probably a clear eyebrow gel and once in a while love a smudgy black eyeshadow look.

My favourite skincare productsright now are my Kiehl’s creamy avocado eye treatment and the Universal Serum. My favorite makeup product is the Dior lip glow.


 Finally you asked about my mentors and people I look up to – Anna Wintour and the power she has in the fashion industry is really aspirational. RuPaul is also someone that has built such a global empire and has really made something more ‘underground’ mainstream which takes a lot of hard work and persistence.   I also look up to Frida Kahlo because I love her sense of self and creativity.

And I have always been obsessed with Kate Moss and Courtney Love for their grungy style, however I am always inspired by different people and things!

For more information please visit @pilarmadimin on Instagram

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