We all know the general rules for clear skin that go around the internet: hydrate, exercise and eat well. But let’s get down to the details as to why and how we can take extra measures to achieve clearer skin, and keep it that way.

This is my advanced checklist and factsheet for keeping my skin clear, and avoiding pimples coming up time and time again.



This is where the hydration and exercise rule really matter. Drinking enough water and exercising moves your lymphatic system which in turn helps with toxin elimination. 

Have you noticed an increase of ‘lymph drainage massages’ populating your Instagram feed recently? Here’s why, and some cheaper and more effective ways of activating your lymphatic system…

There are many things that can be causing regular breakouts or the return of breakouts each month, but flushing your system of built up toxins is an important way to stay on top of your clear skin game. 


This is why Lymph Drainage is so important to get rid of acne:

  • The LYMPHATIC system (your lymph) is the largest circulatory system in your body.

  • It collects any toxins that are accumulated in your body and filters and eliminates waste from cells and tissue.

  • The Lymphatic system is a powerful detoxifier and improves your immune cell circulation.

  • An activated lymphatic system not only helps with skin, but with bloating and swelling (especially if you wake up with a ‘puffy morning’ face).

Easy and effective ways to activate your lymphatic system to help move waste out of your body:

  • Consistent exercise: even if it’s walking 20 minutes a day, each day, helps a lot more than you think.

  • Sleep!

  • Dry Brushing your whole body in circulatory motions

  • Massaging your lymph nodes and activating them daily around your face (google where your lymph nodes are to find out how to do this)

  • Acupuncture, lymph drainage massages or cupping all move your lymphatic system

  • Deep breathing techniques

  • Yoga, stretching and jumping exercises have been found to be especially beneficial




The gutis important – however don’t ignore your liver. The build up of Strep, or any bad bacteria within your gut, has a lot to do with how effective your liver is at filtering out waste and keeping your digestive gut pathways clear. 

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Helping your liver and stomach secrete digestive fluids helps with undigested foods passing through your system. Try drinking dandelion tea or taking a high quality liquid supplement with enzymes in it to help with this.

Food allergies are a common complaint amongst acne sufferers, and it’s no surprise that undigested proteins actually trigger food sensitivities. In fact, proteins in foods can only be broken down by stomach acid, which is why introducing bitters into your meals is so important. Undigested food cause the body to mount an immune response to those foods, creating a never ending circle of allergy and irritation. 

Try feeding your digestive fire by cooking foods to help with their protein break down, drinking bitter teas and foods to help secrete bile or taking a high quality liquid supplement to aid with digestion. My go to is obviously the Radiance Powder, and the fact that it is a sophisticated and advanced liquid formulation is exactly why it helps so much with digestion and the skin.


Proper digestive fluids (note: fluid is very important, and is why we don’t sell it in a capsule format) helps achieve a proper stomach PH which will naturally eat away pathogens and bad bacteria.



The body keeps producing collagen when we are young, however when we reach the age of 25 this production starts to decline, and continues to decline as we age. Finding the right skincare for your skin type, along with the other factors noted in this list, is essential past the age of 25 to aid the body in its collagen production.

When it comes to feeding your body collagen however, ingesting collagen or using collagen on your skin isn’t actually proven to help. 

There are however several studies showing Hyaluronic Acid can help boost collagen production, which is the main molecule that effects the skin (collagen on the other hand helps with bones and ligaments, but doesn’t do much for the skin!).

This is why the Reforming Liquid and Universal Serum both have Hyaluronic Acid on the top of their ingredient lists. Not only is this active ingredient strongly present, but the type of Hyaluronic Acid used has been manipulated using enzymes to ensure maximum absorption, enabling the skin to reap the benefits of the formulation to the full extent.

I use a variety of other skincare, that is often mentioned in Instagram stories, to help keep my skin clear. However the Universal Serum and Reforming Liquid was specifically created with clear, plump skin in mind and this is why those two products will always be a staple in my own skincare routine



With mass farming practices affecting the quality of our food, how and what you eat for clear skin has never been more important. Here are some rules I follow:

  • Simple Whole Foods: Try buying only food that are in their original form.

  • Hydrate through fruits and foods with high water content as well as water: watermelon, cucumber, celery all help rehydrate.

  • Colorful foods and Greens: Our body oxygenates by eating greens, in turn eliminating carcinogens and helping us flush out waste.

  • Protecting the liver, our largest detoxification organ, has a lot more to do with adult acne than you think.

  • Eating a whole, organic and green diet will help with keeping skin clear even during that time of the month.



It’s no surprise that you are what you think. 

Tony Robins does a very simple experiment asking an individual to find something red in the room. Once they’ve found the red thing, they concentrate on it and are far more aware of it than before they were looking for and thinking about it.

The point is that the thoughts you think, create the reality you live in – so as hard as it seems, try to take your mind off the pimples and acneyou may be experiencing and give it less value. It will not only give yourself a much-deserved break, but a more positive outlook and confidence boost, along side making you realize that you have a lot more control over the situation than you think.

Mediation also helps to keep your mind & thoughts under control. There are many apps out there to help you meditate in your own home.

Overall, you can reduce pimples from your skin with the steps listed above! Please message us on Instagram if you have any questions about your skincare routine.

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