Niki Face Yoga - Workout for Acne-Prone Skin

My name is Niki, and I live in a little beach town called Elsinore, it's north of Copenhagen, which is the capital of Denmark.

I started face yoga 6 years ago after a very challenging year where my son went through cancer treatment and his father and I was going through a divorce at the same time. So my face changed a lot that year. I looked "broken", sad and 10 years older in just a couple of months.

That's when I stumbled across some face exercises on youtube. And since then I've been very dedicated to learning and exploring the path of face yoga.

For many of my clients and gym members, face yoga becomes a tool of personal transformation.

I have members in my gym who have healed their acne through face yoga and more importantly have improved their understanding and relationship to their face. So they are now able to enjoy and nurture their face in a new way.

Of course, if your skin is very inflamed you will need to take it easy and always listen to your face and how it is responding to the exercises. Maybe you will have to skip some of the more intense workouts in the beginning. But improving circulation and especially the flow of the lymphatic system will always promote healing of the skin.

My Face Yoga workout for Acne-Prone and Sensitive skin in the video below, and more on my daily routine and the practices can be found in the feature.

As a disclaimer please note that face yoga is detoxifying. So you can experience increased redness, brake outs and itching for 1-3 weeks. This is normal, especially if the face is not used to being exercised or there is tension or stagnation in the soft tissue.

I hope you enjoy this workout.



Most of my clients and members of my online face yoga gym are battling the signs of aging. It's often the incitement for them to begin the face yoga journey.

However after a while the focus shifts into a more loving and kind relationship to their face. The funny thing is, that when you soften around your face and you start to connect to the beauty of the person looking back from the mirror, that's when your face starts to change.

The skin clears, the face lifts, and signs of stress softens. It's a beautiful process and I never get tired of being the witness of this. I truly believe that anyone is capable of loving their face and their skin, it's a process, but a very rewarding one.

Imagine connecting to your face in a loving way, enjoying looking at yourself in the mirror, and feeling confident in your face. Not a lot of women feel this way because we are so used to the media's unrealistic and homogeneous perspective of what is attractive.

One of my favorite stories is about Albertine who started face yoga and completely changed her life as she could finally reverse the signs of sadness from a challenging past. She started exercising her body, eating more healthily, she then took my face yoga teacher training and now has a thriving business as a face yoga instructor. I love that story because it reminds me of my own.



I start every morning with face yoga. It's what helps me wake up and get ready for my day. I mostly do a 20-minute workout at 6 am when waking up.

Then I do my skincare routine, I really enjoy connecting to my face and I will spend 15 minutes (if I can) washing and massaging my face with my skincare products.

Then it's time for breakfast, so I start with my Radiance Powder first thing. My teen daughter is also taking the Powder as she has atopic dermatitis, so this is a thing we enjoy doing together. I know how important it is to support your skin and health from many angles. And nutrition is such a vital factor for radiant skin. After the powder drink, I have breakfast mostly a smoothie bowl.

One of the things I do for my skin is skincare. Right now I'm very into vitamin A, but this sometimes shifts as I'm always looking to learn and test new things.

I do treat myself regularly to professional facials.This is very new to me actually, but it is something that I have learned to prioritize. I have four kids, so it would seem that I always have something "better" to do, so a monthly facial has become a personal luxury.

I would love to do more body workouts, and I do feel the benefits when I'm in a good routine. But as solid as I am in my face yoga practice, I'm still sometimes struggling to find time for my body.

Good sleep is another one of my top priorities for my mental, emotional and physical health. Sleep is so important.



I loved the Klarskin products from the start. I am also a holistic skin therapeutic and I'm continuously studying the skin. So it made perfect sense to me that the radiance powder would be a powerful ally in creating the optimal condition for my skin.

I actually like the taste, and when I just started the powder it was like my body craved the taste. I'm aware that I may be a special case there ;) but for me it was very easy to get started and when a couple of my close friends noticed how amazing my skin looked after the first month I knew this was something I wanted to continue.

Thank you Niki for your feature and acne prone face yoga tutorial. Please visit for more information.


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