Dry January? Liver Detox and Acne

The effects of alcohol on skin, in particular ageing acne prone skin, is becoming more obvious and known among researchers.

If you know anyone who has regularly had 2+ drinks multiple times a week throughout the years you will see a massive difference in their skin vs someone who doesn't drink - dryer, duller and more inflamed/red skin is a common sign of excess alcohol consumption.

To understand why you should not only take part in dry January, but cut down alcohol consumption for the rest of the year, it is important to understand the effects of alcohol on skin and liver health.




1. Alcohol affects all mucous membranes in our body, including the liver, the pancreas and most obviously our skin. 

2. Alcohol literally sucks the fluid and hydration out of skin's cell membranes, the skin damage over time is exaggerated wrinkle formation due to dehydration caused from alcohol consumption.

3. Alcohol increases inflammation in skin which comes up as redness, texture and puffiness. This is because alcohol inflames the skin tissue causing a histamine reaction that creates excess redness. When we are young this redness eventually goes away, but if you are continuously drinking over time the 'flushed' red look will become prominent and won't fade as easily, even when you are sober.

4. The type of alcohol you drink matters: clear liquids like vodka or tequila leave your body quicker and typically contains less sugar and grain than beer, wine or less clear liquor. 

5. As we age alcohol takes longer to leave our system. In our 20s alcohol can leave the body in as little as 3 hours, but as we age it takes us longer to process. Research shows that is can take people in their 40s an average of 33 hours to excrete alcohol from their bodies.

6. Finally, alcohol affects collagen formation. Once collagen is destroyed it is hard to get back - and this is ultimately what alcohol does over time. It is possible to regenerate skin fully if you stop drinking when you are younger, however if you've been drinking regularly for 20 years it is hard to regenerate skin completely as collagen formation has not only slowed down but has been destroyed. Ultimately the sooner you cut back the better.



2-3 Litres of filtered, mineral rich water a day.

10ml of Reforming Liquid added to a glass of water every day after food.

Sweat out toxins with sauna, exercise, movement and rehydrate as often as possible.

Eat your liquids: Watermelon, cucumber, lettuce, oranges all hold a water content of over 90%

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